Jersey Shore Drama May Be Drying Up As Ronnie And Jen Reportedly Split For Reals

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Jen Harley and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro have served up a bulk of the gasp-worthy drama and fueled the tension for MTV Jersey Shore Family Vacation across three seasons, just as they have in real-life tabloids. Those days may have come to an end, though, as the Ronnie and Jen have reportedly decided they are done as a couple, and this time, it's being said this break-up is for reals, for reals.

The latest resolution comes after the most recent high-profile blowout between the Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley, in which the Jersey Shore Family Vacation couple had yet another violent confrontation. Now that the dust has settled, TMZ has reported both Jen and Ronnie are ready to call it quits, and have decided that an ongoing relationship is not going to work between them. Apparently the major point of concern is the safety of their baby daughter Ariana Sky, who has been present for at least two of these big incidents.

For those not up to speed on the latest drama, Ronnie was arrested for kidnapping after a domestic dispute at an Airbnb with Jen Harley. Ronnie allegedly slapped Harley, then was said to have chased her around with a knife while holding their daughter. Ronnie reportedly later dropped the knife, and locked himself in a bathroom with Ariana until police knocked down the door. According to reports, Ronnie had to be tasered out of police's fear for his daughter's safety.

A permanent split for this couple may solve part of the problem, though Ronnie's troubles may not be completely in check following the incident. Jen Harley alleged that Ronnie was high on cocaine during the knife-wielding incident, which goes against the recent time that Ronnie spent in rehab. (For instance, a recent episode saw him declining a trip to the strip club with the gang as not to disrupt his sobriety.)

Ronnie appeared to be on a positive path of redemption similar to Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, so obviously this may be disappointing for Jersey Shore Family Vacation fans to read, if it's true. One has to wonder how much more MTV will tolerate from Ronnie, especially given this is just the latest in a long line of controversies in his career, particularly where Jen Harley is involved. Other reality stars on the network have had their fair share of drama, but in most cases, the other shoe eventually dropped and people got booted.

As for Ronnie's co-stars, The Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast has been relatively silent on the latest Ronnie drama on their social media. In their defense, Season 3 has shown Ronnie had been distancing himself and ignoring others' calls and texts when filming isn't happening, and The Situation recently revealed (via It's Happening With Snooki & Joey) that behavior has been happening again. Hopefully, Ronnie will find a way to do what's best for himself and get back on track.

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