Dancing With The Stars Fans Aren’t Happy About Bachelorette Hannah Brown's Disney Night Scores

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Spoilers ahead for October 14 episode of Dancing with the Stars Season 28.

Disney Night returned to Dancing with the Stars on October 14. Although Sean Spicer's Toy Story quickstep isn't going to go down as one of the best in DWTS history, Ally Brooke got all 9s for her beautiful Beauty and the Beast number and Kel Mitchell undoubtedly has viewers everywhere ready to return to high school after his jazz routine to High School Musical's "We're All In This Together." One of the loveliest of the night, however, was former Bachelorette Hannah Brown's Aladdin foxtrot with partner Alan Bernsten, but judge Len Goodman wasn't overly impressed, and fans aren't happy.

Hannah and Alan danced to the legendary Disney love song "A Whole New World," from Aladdin. Everything from the costumes to the dancing to the chemistry between the dancers was a hit, and all signs pointed toward Hannah getting another victory out of her DWTS "therapy." Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli were both impressed enough to give Hannah and Alan 9s. Len Goodman, on the other hand, gave them a 7.

While the judges are of course going to have different opinions, which sometimes results in different scores, Len's criticism was directed more at Alan's choreography than Hannah's dancing. Unsurprisingly -- especially considering Hannah probably came in with a fandom of her own courtesy of her recent stint on The Bachelorette, which may or may not have given her an unfair advantage -- Dancing with the Stars fans took to Twitter to share their dissatisfaction with the scores.

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The picture of Hannah and Alan mid-dance doesn't do justice to their performance, but it at least proves that they knew how to strike a pose even while getting the workout of a great foxtrot. Just look at the smile on Hannah's face! If only that smile had earned more than a 7 from Len.

Another person on Twitter shared how the 7 from Len made them feel:

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Oh, yelling at the screen during an episode of a reality show featuring Hannah Brown trying her best... I've been there. (Never forget Luke P.)

Somebody else on social media went meta and used a gif of Hannah herself to punctuate their point about Len's scoring:

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Considering I'm shocked that Sean Spicer made it past his fluorescent shirt from his first performance on Dancing with the Stars, I can't say I disagree that it's silly for Hannah and Sean to have gotten even close to the same score.

Somebody else chose to skip the pictures, gifs, and emojis, but rather just spell out their issues with what happened and what should be done moving forward:

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This person wasn't the only one to call for Len's firing from Dancing with the Stars due to his 7 for Hannah. Could this mean an opening for Leah Remini to come on DWTS full-time after her divisive performance last week? Okay, probably not, but people are clearly upset.

Other tweets were simple and to the point about their objections. Here's a prime example:

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Well, the good news is that the scores didn't really matter this week. In fact, the votes from viewers didn't matter either. Nobody was eliminated, because nobody is eliminated on Disney Night! While this was a nice break for the celeb dancers and meant that viewers didn't have to watch somebody dressed as a beloved Disney character look sad, I wonder if this means that next week delivers a double elimination.

Find out when the next episode of Dancing with the Stars on Monday, October 21 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC in the fall TV lineup.

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