Adventure Time Is Coming Back, But Not At Cartoon Network

Adventure Time

Adventure Time has only been off the air since 2018, but apparently that was too long. The critically acclaimed animated series is coming back to television, but, surprisingly, Cartoon Network will not be the home of this latest continuation of the franchise. Instead, Pendleton Ward's show is headed to HBO Max for 4 specials.

Starting in 2020, HBO Max will be the home for Adventure Time: Distant Lands. These 4 specials will each be one hour in length, and will expand on the stories of some of the show's most beloved characters throughout the first 10 seasons. Specifically, expect to see specials focused on BMO, Marceline, Bubblegum, Peppermint Butler, and, of course, Finn and Jake.

The first two episodes, which will air on HBO Max in 2020, are titled "BMO" and "Obsidian." The first is pretty explanatory, and will feature another episode following the lovable yet slightly bizarre video game BMO. "Obsidian" will bring Princess Bubblegum and Marceline back together since their surprising finale twist, and show them on a journey to protect the Glass Kingdom from a potential catastrophe.

After that there's two more planned specials, which Variety reported are without release dates at this time. "Wizard City" will follow Peppermint Butler, who is "starting over at the beginning" as an amateur wizard in school. Then, it's the reunion everyone is waiting for as "Together Again" will put Finn and Jake together as they embark on the "most important adventure of their lives." That's quite a tease given how insane that finale was!

The move to HBO Max is a bit surprising, especially considering Adventure Time was a Cartoon Network staple for all 10 seasons. The network has no problem with bringing back old classics, so it's curious that the series made the jump over to HBO Max. This isn't the first original series the streamer has scooped from the network, as HBO Max is also the home for the revival of The Boondocks, which was on Adult Swim.

For the moment, though, it does not appear that HBO Max secured the streaming rights to classic episodes of Adventure Time. Even without that, the streamer's lineup is looking pretty strong with the offerings it's gathered thus far. This announcement comes not long after it was announced Studio Ghibli movies will stream exclusively on the platform. That, alone, is a solid animation lineup, and it's even possible it could get stronger, as rumors swirl that HBO Max could soon be the streaming home for South Park.

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New Adventure Time specials are coming to HBO Max in 2020, and after these 4 specials, who knows? CinemaBlend will be the place to find out what's next for Adventure Time, as well as what's happening with other major franchises in the world of television and movies.

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