Legacies Will Be '10 Percent Darker' In Season 2

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Legacies is going to be getting darker in Season 2. In fact, the show is going to be doing so by a measurable degree, and that's a big deal considering how dark the first season could get. It wasn't all high school shenanigans and silly monsters, after all, and Hope's plight at the end of the season doesn't bode well for anybody. Here's what fans can expect from the darkness moving forward.

According to executive producer Brett Matthews, fans should expect Legacies Season 2 to be "10 percent darker" compared to its first. Viewers excitedly anticipating Legacies’ return will undoubtedly be curious to know what could contribute to it.

A dark force is coming, and it has nothing to do with Legacies exploring Hope’s darker side in Season 2. Legacies creator Julie Plec provided a mysterious potential player that should turn down the brightness. It relates to the emergence of a significant entity coming to the fore.

Hint: they will play into a pivotal portion of Season 2! Julie Plec elaborated on Brett Matthews' comments about the increased darkness to TVLine, saying:

There’s a hint of a [dark] new force at the beginning of the season, and the mystery of who that new force is takes us all the way into our midseason cliffhanger.

I already have a suspect! Does anyone else remember Alexis Denisof’s casting for Season 2? If so, Denisof’s character could be the key to this cryptic hint of what is to come on Legacies. Denisof is set to play Professor Vardemus in Season 2. He will make his debut in the second episode of the season.

Could Professor Vardemus be the “dark new force” headed to Legacies? I think it is highly possible. Vardemus is a sorcerer, who will endear himself to the students at Salvatore School. When you add that with Matt Davis’ (Alaric) Season 2 teases, you have a compelling argument for Vardemus as the dark force.

Other potential suspects include one character’s vampiric new love interest. You never know. If Kai Parker makes his villainous return, you can bet he would qualify as a “dark force.” Thankfully, there are good forces, both new and already existing, to combat them.

I do have one major question. Will this “dark force” character be Legacies’ big bad? Julie Plec previously discussed how Legacies' would be different from her other shows, so who knows.

Legacies fans will find out who this dark force is eventually. Julie Plec indicates it will be a while before their identity is known in detail. It sounds like the mystery of who the force is will endure up until the midseason finale. As you likely expected, it will include a cliffhanger!

Fans of Legacies have already had to endure the first season’s Hope twist in the finale. What is one more cliffhanger? Will the midseason finale be when the truth gets out? Or will it only be revealed to certain characters? Time will tell.

Fresh off fans’ first look at Season 2 is this info about Legacies’ sophomore outing. This “dark force” revelation is another crucial clue to add to what you already know. Legacies’ return should be an eventful and romantic one.

Legacies is among this fall’s premieres. Season 2 premieres Thursday, October 10 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. You can currently catch up on the spinoff’s first season via Netflix, alongside a lot of new content.

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