John Krasinksi Reveals Jack Ryan Stunt That Left Him Crying For Help

Jack Ryan stunt went wrong and he had to cry for help

Jack Ryan is heading into Season 2 on Amazon Prime this fall, and while we’ve known for a while John Krasinski takes the role seriously, this time around the actor even did some of his harder stunts. However, ignoring the stunt guy and doing hard stuntwork may not always be the greatest call, as Krasinksi himself even admitted to Jimmy Kimmel. In fact, one memorable incident led to him begging for help.

First, a little backstory. During a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, John Krasinksi shared a really cool clip of a moment when he chases someone across a roof and then has to jump from rooftop to rooftop to keep up the chase.

It’s a scene John Krasinski admitted he pushed to film himself, but it led to him needing to ask for help – which is just what the stuntman predicted would happen. He said:

That brought back a lot of memories. We shot in London – I’m obviously going to London a lot with half my family being there, but I had never shot there and never been almost killed there. It’s one of those things where they are like, ‘No, you don’t have to do a lot of it. Just run down this roof.’ You kind of get confident, ’You know, I’m just gonna slide down the roof.’ And the stunt guy’s like, ‘Please don’t do that.’ I was like, ‘It’s fine.’ And then I did that slide and got to the end and I was like, ‘Help! Help!!’ So just before you see me looking around, I’m asking for help.

Jimmy Kimmel may refer to the Jack Ryan actor as an “action star” here, but at his heart he’s still a funny guy. Therefore, lest you think this story is in jest, he also mentioned he was terrified, particularly when he realized he was hanging in dead space and waiting on the stunt team to save his rear.

Honestly, he’s pretty lucky he didn’t injure himself like Tom Cruise and other actors have in the past. But his pride may have been a little wounded, as people on set saw the whole thing.

[I was] very scared. People down below on their lunch break were like [capturing footage], ‘Yes, this is great.’

If you’d like to see the scene in question in full detail, it was shown during the episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! airing from Brooklyn this past week.

Ultimately, when Jack Ryan returns for Season 2, we’ll get to see the titular character do all kinds of crazy stuff onscreen, although I’m hoping for John Krasinski’s sake that he left it up to the professionals when it came to big moments after the way this one went down. Krasinksi may have gotten himself into a pickle on set, but it doesn’t seem to have dampened his enthusiasm for the character, and that’s good news given Jack Ryan was already renewed for Season 3 ahead of Season 2.

The second season will be released on Amazon Prime on November 1, 2019. Interestingly, that’s the same day Apple TV+ drops its new product and some new series. To find out what else is heading to the schedule, take a look at our full guide.

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