Jack Ryan Changed Things Up Behind The Scenes For Season 3

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Jack Ryan is changing things up behind the scenes for Season 3! The action series is on the verge of returning for its second season, and there is already more news about its third. Yes, in case you missed it, Amazon already renewed Jack Ryan at the start of the year. Season 3 is currently undergoing some creative changes, as the series has a new showrunner!

Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring will now take over as showrunner for Season 3, per Variety. Carlton Cuse, Jack Ryan’s co-creator and, originally, co-showrunner with Graham Roland, exited the latter role ahead of Season 3. A decision that had meant a vacancy for the John Krasinski-led series on the that side of its operations. Well, the series has named Cuse’s replacement after initial recruit, David Scarpa (All the Money in the World), opted out.

When you think of some of the most popular adrenaline-based TV series, Prison Break is certainly up there, in my opinion. For fans of action set pieces, Scheuring boarding Jack Ryan should be an encouraging sign of things to come.

To date, Prison Break has run for five seasons, and in that time it developed a massive cult audience. Back in 2017, there was apparent news of a sixth season. What, if anything, Prison Break’s creator heading to helm Jack Ryan Season 3 will mean for Prison Break's future remains to be seen.

As for Jack Ryan fans, they can now watch the upcoming season with the comfort of knowing that the showrunner situation has been solved. The hit that Amazon has been hoping for will be back at the start of November, thus bringing the considerable wait between Season 1 and Season 2 to an end.

Amazon released a teaser for Jack Ryan’s second outing a few months ago. In it, you can catch a peek at the original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo star Noomi Rapace. She will be new to the action in Season 2! From the sight of things, Carlton Cuse’s final season as showrunner will be an exciting one!

In Season 2, Jack Ryan’s titular character will be heading into the Venezuelan jungle. Ryan heads there as part of his investigation into an illegal arms deal. When Jack Ryan’s second season was initially announced, filming was said to span Europe, South America, and the United States.

Jack Ryan switching up its showrunners will undoubtedly bring about a creative shift behind the scenes. Fans will have to until Season 3 gets released to see how much of an impact the change has on the new episodes. Critical reaction to Jack Ryan’s first season was largely positive. Time will tell if Carlton Cuse’s last season as showrunner is met with similar approval.

Jack Ryan Season 2 premieres November 1 on Amazon Prime Video, making the actioner one of this fall’s premieres. You can already stream the entire first season of Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime Video.

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