Sophia Bush And Daphne Zuniga Had A Mini One Tree Hill Reunion

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Former co-stars Sophia Bush and Daphne Zuniga had a mini One Tree Hill reunion, so feel free to let your heart soar! The actresses co-starred on The CW drama as daughter and mother, respectively. Bush memorably portrayed fashion mogul, Brooke Davis. Zuniga joined the cast of One Tree Hill in Season 5 as Brooke’s mother, Victoria.

That’s right! The West Wing’s co-stars are not the only ones sharing a harmonious reunion. Sophia Bush and Daphne Zuniga did not share an on-screen meeting, though. The former One Tree Hill stars instead reunited at an event, and Bush and Zuniga were clearly thrilled by it. Check out Bush’s tweet below:

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How sweet is this? If you were not already hoping for a One Tree Hill revival with the original cast, this reunion would undoubtedly get you amped for one. I am ready for Sophie Bush and Daphne Zuniga to reprise their roles! Their characters’ dynamic was one of the great additions to One Tree Hill as Brooke reconnected with her mom, and eventually, her dad.

Yes, it took five seasons before viewers were introduced to Brooke’s mom. After joining One Tree Hill in Season 5, Daphne Zuniga stayed on the show until it ended with Season 9. In the years since One Tree Hill concluded, Sophia Bush starred on and then exited Chicago P.D. on NBC. She will be returning to television via a role in the Love, Simon TV show.

The One Tree Hill cast has remained close through the years, reuniting and sharing their own fun revival idea. Last year, many of Sophia Bush and Daphne Zuniga’s former co-stars came together for a mystery project that turned out to be a Christmas movie for Lifetime. It certainly got fans’ hopes up for a revival!

In what has already been a week of nostalgic glory by way of the Lizzie McGuire revival, anything feels possible. I tend to take co-stars remaining close off-screen as a good sign for them potentially returning for a continuation. Daphne Zuniga and Sophia Bush have clearly remained at least friendly.

When One Tree Hill ended, Brooke and Victoria had mended their relationship. It would be neat to explore where their mother/daughter bond stands now. Are they still close? On that note, given all of the revivals and the reboots, is it One Tree Hill’s turn?

The drama premiered in 2003 and finished its run in 2012. As hard as it is to believe, it has been seven years since Brooke and company’s adventures came to an end. Sophia Bush and Daphne Zuniga’s reunion certainly makes you hope that a revival is not out of the question.

One Tree Hill is currently streaming in its entirety on Hulu. For other viewing options, check out with this fall’s premieres.

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