Grey's Anatomy Fans Are Dragging Owen After Heated Amelia Exchange

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the November 7 episode of Grey's Anatomy Season 16. Read at your own risk!

Grey's Anatomy had all sorts of drama this week, but the usual suspects of the season thus far got a bit of a reprieve. Instead it was Amelia, who finally met with someone who wasn't thrilled about the news of her pregnancy: Owen. She felt the need to reveal to him that she had a baby on the way, and he reacted about like fans would expect. That is to say, horribly.

There was no love for Owen from the Grey's Anatomy fandom on social media during this episode, as he was absolutely dragged by fans upset with how he treated Amelia. Basically, scrolling through the show's hashtag tonight looked a lot like this tweet:

So, what did Owen do this time? For starters, he took the news out on a patient, and passive aggressively refused to grant a patient's request for an abortion after she was admitted to the hospital. At first it seemed Owen was just steeped in the nuance of the circumstances of her arrival, as the woman took a hard fall trying to take an herb to get rid of the child.

Owen wanted to stave off the abortion decision, in case the patient changed her mind, and Amelia took him to task. Then the moment of truth finally came, as Owen brought up the elephant in the room. If a woman doesn't suddenly change her mind about having children when she's pregnant, why then was Amelia pregnant and keeping a child when that was one of the key causes behind their marriage collapsing? Amelia left the argument shaken up, but fans were not feeling pity for Owen.

If Grey's Anatomy thought it was going to get fans on Owen's side in this exchange, that didn't happen. Owen's got kids, and he's suddenly mad he doesn't have more with Amelia?

Fans also took issue with the aggression of Owen in the fight, which was pretty intense. All this happens, and Amelia is the one that's apologizing?

If there's any positive in this situation, it's that next week is Meredith's trial, which would seemingly lessen the chances of Amelia and Owen having another heart-to-heart. It also doesn't seem like this conversation will make her rethink the baby, though she did seem pretty shaken up following the conversation. Was it just the stress of it all, or did Owen get in her head?

For Grey's Anatomy's sake, I hope not. Fans are still fuming about Owen's energy in the episode, and are near universal in agreement he was out of line. So what if Amelia didn't want a baby with him? They don't think they should feel bad.

To be completely fair, Grey's Anatomy's fandom has been ready to jump on Owen since the promo for this episode first aired. The lumps were coming even if Owen was a bit more sympathetic, so at least the show stayed consistent and confirmed Owen is who fans think he is.

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