How A Million Little Things' Big Jon Reveal Just Made Everything Worse

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for A Million Little Things' Season 2 Episode 7, called "Ten Years." Read at your own risk!

To say the situation between Eddie, Catherine, and Delilah has been tense in Season 2 of A Million Little Things is an understatement. The whole thing is a real dumpster fire (in a way that Maggie's situation really wasn't), and it's looking like it's about to get a whole lot worse. While the stubborn Delilah continues to stick her head in the sand and say she will not reveal her infidelity with Eddie to her children, some evidence of Jon's potential cheating could be on the way too.

The big moment came when the results of PJ's DNA test arrived at Rome's doorstep. Fans already knew he was the son of Barbara Morgan, who was a mysterious woman from Jon's past. Now the results are in, and they say that he's Jon's son as well. While we don't know the full story here, the fact that PJ (played by The Walking Dead's Chandler Riggs) is close to Sophie in age definitely makes it seem like Delilah wasn't the only person sleeping around during she and Jon's relationship.

So, while Delilah is shouting at Eddie and Catherine about how she won't let the truth behind Charlotte's birth reach her children, PJ may just arrive on the doorstep and announce that Jon is his father. Will Delilah allow her husband's secrets to be aired out in the open and continue to keep her own close to the chest? She may see the hypocrisy, or she may just shut the door in PJ's face and refuse to accept the information.

There's just no telling where Delilah will swing, as she is really doing all she can to keep her kids protected. Right now, that's even coming at the cost of Catherine and Eddie's well-being, who continue to maintain the lie out of respect for her wishes. It isn't crazy to think she'll shut PJ out, though A Million Little Things fans may have some optimism this revelation will open her eyes.

At this point, it feels like trauma is inevitable. Sophie already tried to put the moves on PJ a couple times, so finding out he's actually her half-brother could rock her world, and not in a good way. Of course, she had no idea, but it's not like ignorance ever makes anyone feel better in such situations. Beyond that, we have to wonder if Sophie will be up for any more musical performances with Eddie once she learns he's actually her new little sister's dad.

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