A Million Little Things Season 2 Cast Parenthood's Jason Ritter To Shake Up Maggie's Life

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A Million Little Things delivered plenty of drama in its first season, as a group of friends dealt with everything from suicide to infidelity to serious illness. The Season 1 finale was bittersweet, and a lot of the sweetness came from the reveal that Maggie's cancer was in remission. Well, casting news for Season 2 suggests that Maggie will likely still have plenty of complications in her life, even despite the remission, and Parenthood alum Jason Ritter will be involved. Here's what we know.

Jason Ritter, who also starred in the feel-good but short-lived dramedy Kevin (Probably) Saves the World, has been cast to play a character with ties to Maggie's mom Patricia in Season 2 of A Million Little Things on ABC, according to TVLine. Although the character is seemingly more connected to Patricia than Maggie, he will reportedly "upend everything." The relationship between Maggie and Patricia was already strained throughout the first season as Maggie struggled with how to deal with her prognosis. Something tells me the addition of this new character won't make things any easier for the mother and daughter.

Unfortunately, no further details about Jason Ritter's character are available at this point, but he will be on board the show for a multiple-episode arc. So, don't expect him to be a one-and-done on A Million Little Things. That he's not described as "recurring" suggests that his story will have a beginning and end within the second season. Still, if his arc goes well, perhaps he'll have a larger role on the show in the future.

Melora Hardin of The Office fame has already been confirmed to return to A Million Little Things as Patricia for Season 2, so viewers will undoubtedly see more of the dynamic between Patricia and Allison Miller's Maggie. Interestingly, Allison Miller and Jason Ritter worked together previously on the 2014 indie film Always Woodstock.

For Maggie's sake, I hope the arrival of Jason Ritter's character doesn't throw a wrench in her relationship with Gary. After a bunch of ups and downs in Season 1 as they disagreed over how Maggie should handle her cancer diagnosis, they were all set to begin a new chapter of their lives together heading into Season 2. If things between Maggie and her mom and this newcomer go sideways, she may need all the support she can get.

Did That A Million Little Things Character Really Leave The Series?

A Million Little Things headed into its summer hiatus with no shortage of drama, and not just because the finale revealed Jon's devastating secret. While the group still struggled to process his death and the accompanying mysteries, Delilah went into labor, and Eddie prepared to break the news to Katherine that he was the father of the baby, which could very well ruin their chances of reconciliation. Trouble was on the horizon for Regina and Rome as well, as Rome came to the conclusion that he wanted kids. Regina does not. And now Maggie has Jason Ritter turning up to cause trouble!

Well, it wouldn't be a primetime TV drama if everything went swimmingly for all the characters all the time. A Million Little Things returns for Season 2 next month, and it's only one of many shows already on the schedule for the fall.

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