Did A Million Little Things Just Destroy A Relationship For Good In Season 2 Premiere?

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Spoilers ahead for the Season 2 premiere of A Million Little Things on ABC, called "Coming Home."

The second season of A Million Little Things picked up where the Season 1 finale cliffhanger left off when it comes to Eddie and Katherine. Just when Katherine was trying to reconcile with her husband and bring him home to rebuild their family with Theo, he came clean about the biggest secret of Season 1: that he is the real father of Delilah's child. Unsurprisingly, Katherine did not handle the reveal well, and it looks like A Million Little Things may have destroyed the Katherine/Eddie relationship for good.

The timing was unfortunate, as Katherine got the text that Delilah's baby had been born right after Eddie dropped the bombshell that the child was his. Devastated, Katherine told Eddie to go to the hospital, to Delilah and his newborn. Katherine did her best to keep a smile on her face for Theo while Eddie was at the hospital, but she eventually had Theo call Eddie home and then left before he arrived.

Katherine didn't return home afterward, and was gone from her family, friends, and even job for days. Eddie eventually found out that Katherine was staying with her mom, but his attempt to appeal to her by telling her he loves her didn't exactly win her back. As of the end of the episode, Katherine is not home, and Eddie and Theo are without her.

A Million Little Things creator DJ Nash spoke to TV Guide about the episode, and he said this when asked about the ripple effect now that Katherine decided to leave:

It's interesting that you say decides to leave. I'm not quite sure that it's a conscious choice from her. I think it's almost out of desperation. She doesn't decide certain things. In your life...you may not be in the right state of mind too make these decisions. Certainly that's how our series started. I think in a similar way, Katherine's in a very desperate place. She is leaving not out of anger towards Eddie or the situation, [but] because she doesn't want her son to see her like this. Before she leaves, she makes sure that Eddie's on his way home. I think she's broken and we watched her endure a ton of stuff in the first season. Things that you wouldn't have handled as gracefully, like helping Delilah save her house, learning about the affair knowing that the whole friend group knew. There's just a point in which all of us break and she found that point.

On the one hand, DJ Nash seemingly left the door open for a reconciliation between Katherine and Eddie, as Katherine is "desperate" and didn't make decisions that couldn't be unmade. She certainly was emotional when she walked out, and I definitely got the sense that she left the night of the birth because she couldn't hold back her tears in front of Theo anymore. If her desperation fades, could she make the decision to return home to Eddie?

On the other hand, DJ Nash stated that "she's broken," and it obviously took a lot to break her after what she emotionally endured and had gotten past before Eddie dropped the baby bombshell on her. Katherine didn't deserve this! If she's really and truly broken by it, she may not be able to or feel inclined to want to put the pieces back together again. Hopefully this doesn't lead to the Season 2 death that's coming!

It would be hard to blame her, especially since Eddie has decided that he wants to be part of the baby girl's life. At this point, I honestly don't understand how he expects it to work. Yes, the friends all know that Eddie and not Jon is the father, but none of the kids know, and there's no sign that Eddie and Delilah want to be together romantically.

Baby Charlotte has taken Jon's last name. Something tells me more hearts than Katherine's are going to be a bit broken before this is worked out. DJ Nash went on to explain the challenge of telling the story of Katherine and Eddie, saying this:

For me, the challenge as a writer and for us as a writing team, was to both honor people who identify with Katherine. And also be true to those who are invested in Katherine and Eddie and their reconciliation. As we were looking at what would be a move that Katherine could make that would be real, be authentic and continue to tell her story, this felt like the that she'd reached her breaking point.

At this point, I really do wonder how many people are on Team Katherine and how many people remain invested in the possibility of a reconciliation between Katherine and Eddie. The whole situation is a mess of Eddie's own making, and he's not exactly making it any better with his vague plans to father the newborn.

Poor Katherine had the rug ripped out from under her, and I'd say she deserves to spend as much time recovering away from Eddie and the friends (who apparently all knew or at least suspected Eddie was the father) as she wants. I only hope she gets to spend some time with Theo sooner rather than later, as he clearly misses his mom. Consider me officially Team Katherine!

See what happens next for Katherine, Eddie, and the rest in new episodes of A Million Little Things on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET on ABC. We already know that two characters "jumped the gun" on their romance, following Grey's Anatomy (which got off to its own wild start in the hour before A Million Little Things' premiere) in the fall TV lineup.

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