The Blacklist Season 7 Will Dig Up A Ressler Secret In 2020

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The Blacklist is not done uncovering secrets in Season 7 by a long shot. Following the upcoming midseason hiatus, the crime drama will dig up a Ressler secret in 2020. Liz’s potential love interest has had a lot less secrets than she tends to keep. However, that does not mean he does not have one.

It turns out that the “gnome killer” has been holding something back, but it does not sound like he has hired an actor to pretend to be his date to a wedding again. Why are we finding out about this mysterious secret now? On the topic of if The Blacklist would have a Ressler-centric episode in Season 7, series creator Jon Bokenkamp told TVLine he had “not overlooked Ressler” adding:

It’s safe to say, Ressler might be sitting on a little secret of his own, and we’ll be digging that up in the back half of this season.

That’s right, Blacklist fans! The second half of Season 7 will explore Ressler’s secret. Interesting! What secret could Ressler be keeping? He tends to be a straightforward kind of guy. If he has his own secret, it explains his patience with Liz’s pretty endless supply. To put it bluntly, I do not think Ressler is Liz’s maybe-secret-sibling. Great news for shippers!

A previous Ressler storyline had dovetailed into the reveal of Liz’s second memory manipulation. However, it does not seem like the Ressler secret The Blacklist will explore in Season 7 has to do with that. That plot thread’s return is apparently connected to the jaw-dropping Katarina/Ilya reveal. It is Katarina who wants one of Ilya's memories!

One possibility is that the “little secret” The Blacklist’s creator is teasing has to do with Ressler’s investigation into Liz’s mom. Remember, he uncovered some stuff in the past. Due to everything going on with Red’s identity and his kidnapping, it would make sense for Ressler to have kept digging. Did he learn something big and then keep it to himself?

As suggested, I am reading between the lines, in the hopes of answering this and many other questions that The Blacklist has prompted. Viewers do know Ressler is keeping Red’s health crisis a secret from Liz. So, there is that. This may be swinging for the fences a bit, but what if Ressler’s secret is that he found Liz’s long-lost-theoretical sibling? Yes, I cannot let that go!

Ressler’s secret could also have something to do with his life before The Blacklist started. Viewers know that he once led a relentless investigation into Raymond Reddington. A man he now knows is an imposter. Did Ressler cross some line back in the day during his initial inquiry? Maybe. Although, that does not seem like the most Ressler move.

It has been seven seasons, and there is a lot that viewers still do not know about Ressler. Or many of the other fantastic characters on The Blacklist, for that matter. It seems like Season 7 will take a deep dive into at least one of the aspects of Ressler’s life. Stay tuned, Blacklist fans! The answers are coming!

New episodes of The Blacklist are airing this winter on Fridays, at 8 p.m. ET, on NBC. You can refresh your memory on Ressler’s past via previous seasons on Netflix, which also has lots of new content.

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