Wait, Could The Blacklist's Liz Have Secret Siblings?

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Spoilers for The Blacklist Season 7 episode entitled (“Les Fleurs du Mal (#150)”) are discussed below.

Wait, did The Blacklist just reveal that Liz could have secret siblings? Okay, this is not a major spoiler, but it is a potential hint of what is to come! In the third episode of Season 7, Katarina continued making clandestine inroads into Liz’s life. As “Maddy,” Katarina started forging a relationship with Liz and her granddaughter, Agnes.

A moment that was not all that surprising, given the way The Blacklist ended its last episode. What was shocking was what Katarina said as she was setting up surveillance/spying equipment in Liz’s home. It was a blink-and-you-missed-it soundbite that could change everything! Katarina said something that indicated Liz is not her only child. Katarina said:

I miss having children.

Children! As in the plural form of a child. The Blacklist’s creator previously revealed that fans needed to read between the lines in their efforts to learn the truth about Red. Using that same technique to get the truth about Katarina, it would seem she supplied a significant hint in talking to her cohort.

Liz may not be the only child of Katarina Rostova. It is theory time with The Blacklist! There is no reason to think that Katarina’s choice of words does not have a purpose. It makes sense that she may have had more than one child. Liz already has a sister through her biological father, Raymond Reddington. They even teamed up together for a short time.

Could Liz also have a sibling through her mother? It seems highly plausible and nearly confirmed with this dialogue. The Blacklist does not have characters say things without meaning or ramification. I am still super confused over whether Katarina is looking for someone. If she is, it could be her other child. Is Ilya Koslov/Red, the father of Liz’s other sibling?

Dramatic pause. Why not? If Red is Ilya Koslov, the flashback seemed to indicate that he and Katarina got intimate. If Katarina is looking for another one of her children, that would have a massive impact on Liz. Liz's mother has been teased about having a deep impact on her in Season 7.

If Red is the biological father of another one of Katarina’s kids that opens the door to all kinds of potential Blacklist storylines. It means that Red may have kept another piece of Liz’s family a secret from her all this time. Does this fold into the trust issues they may have? Revelations are said to test Liz’s faith in her father figure.

I could see a secret sibling having that sort of impact on Liz. She has been isolated from her biological family and her relationship with Jennifer Reddington did not really help quell those sentiments. If Red has a secret child with Katarina, I cannot see him not being a part of their life, the same way he is with Liz. Maybe they are estranged?

This is all assuming that Red is the father of Katarina’s maybe-child/children. They could have another father. If Liz has a secret sibling(s), I hope she also has a brother. That would be another neat dynamic to explore. For whatever reason, I got the sense Liz could have two siblings by her mother. One thing is for sure, The Blacklist has me buzzing with this potential twist.

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