Fuller House Star Teases Old Familiar Faces Returning For Final Episodes, But Who?

Fuller House is one of the few modern TV continuations that has made it to five seasons. The Netflix series has made it a point to bring back former cast members in the past, though fans shouldn’t expect Lori Loughlin’s Aunt Becky to be back in Season 5. However, Fuller House’s Dave Coulier teased that even more old familiar faces will be returning for the fifth and final season. In his words:

We bring back some people from way back in the day.

Now that Fuller House is ending, fans are still clamoring to see the return of certain characters, though Dave Coulier was pretty vague about who these familiar faces might be when he brought it up. Who could it/they be?

The easiest guess to make would be that it'd be the return of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Michelle Tanner, but when asked whether Fuller House might finally see their comeback,Dave Coulier dodged the question, teasing, “I can’t say.”

Candace Cameron Bure, however, shot that brief glimmer of hope down and told ET that Michelle “is not coming!” I'd say to take a pause to get sad about it, but Bure has already been pretty upfront about Michelle denials in the past.

So, with that mystery solved, who else could Dave Coulier have been talking about? After all, there are only so many recognizable cast members left from the original series, and the majority of the original show’s familiar faces have already made guest appearances on Fuller House.

Let’s see, it’s possible Jaleel White could return as Family Matters’ Steve Urkel. He dropped into the Tanner household once before. There was also that time Boy Meets World’s Danielle Fishel guest-starred, though her appearance is less likely, because her character was only there for one episode to pressure Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) to get her ears pierced. Maybe someone else needs the peer pressure.

However, even though Michelle Tanner is off doing her own thing somewhere offscreen, it would still be great if Smart Guy’s Tahj Mowry reprised his role as Teddy, Michelle’s childhood friend. He was a fixture at the Tanner home until he moved away, so there’s always a chance he moved back to San Francisco at some point.

It’s hard to speculate about who might be making a comeback in Season 5, though, but it’s already confirmed that Candace Cameron Bure’s real life brother Kirk Cameron will be guest starring in the show’s final season. Have mercy! The episode will also guest star Lisa Loeb, so it’s all very ‘90s. Maybe another boy band will show up, too.

The Fuller House cast was in tears on the last days of filming and it was hard for everyone, but especially for Candace Cameron Bure, who got through the final season by pretending the show wasn’t ending. While Lori Loughlin’s absence will probably be glossed over, bringing back other characters from Full House’s past will hopefully fill that void.

Part one of Fuller House’s fifth and final season will be available to stream on Netflix Friday, December 6. In the meantime, be sure to check out our complete guide to all the TV shows scheduled to premiere in the winter and spring of 2020.

Mae Abdulbaki