Surprise, Kirk Cameron Will Be In Fuller House's Final Season And It Sounds Awesome

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Fuller House will wrap its run as the hit Full House spinoff when the fifth and final season concludes (without a certain somebody), but not before Kirk Cameron drops by for an appearance on his sister's series. The Growing Pains actor is joining Fuller House before the final credits roll, and in an episode that Candace Cameron Bure is directing. Bure shared some of what to expect when the Growing Pains alum jumps to the universe of another classic sitcom, saying this:

My brother Kirk is in an episode this season, so that was a really fun surprise. It’s a little bit of, like, a ’90s episode, so Lisa Loeb is in it as well as my brother Kirk. And that week I was directing as well … it was a dream come true to direct my brother.

The appearance of Lisa Loeb in an episode of Fuller House Season 5 was revealed when the trailer released back in November, but Candace Cameron Bure's reveal that her big brother will appear as well undoubtedly comes as the best kind of surprise for viewers looking for an extra dose of 90s TV nostalgia. Kirk Cameron starred as Mike Seaver in ABC's Growing Pains, so his should be a familiar face to a fair amount of Fuller House fans.

Interestingly, Kirk Cameron is credited with appearing in a 1988 episode of Full House, playing a character by the name of "Cousin Steve." I doubt that Fuller House is reprising a 1988 one-off Full House character in its final season, although it would be worth a laugh if Cousin Steve is suddenly relevant again more than 30 years after he appeared. Candace Cameron Bure also appeared in a couple episodes of Growing Pains back in the late 80s.

Candace Cameron Bure, who previously stated she was pretending Fuller House wasn't ending, went on in her chat with Closer Weekly to explain what it was like directing her brother on Fuller House, and her comments make a lot of sense considering Kirk Cameron ran her over with a go-kart:

He was so game. He just walked onto the set like he’d been … like he never stopped doing a sitcom. He was really funny, but he was so supportive and proud of me directing. So he’s like, ‘Can, just tell me whatever you want me to do.’ And I’d come in and tell him what I wanted to see and he would just give me everything and was very receptive to whatever direction I had for him. So it was actually … I mean, it was fun. I wanted to give him a hard time. I wanted to somehow fire him on the set and, like, cause drama, but I couldn’t cause he was awesome.

What sister could resist the impulse to give her brother a hard time, especially when she could cite a go-kart incident as motivation to want to get back at him? In all seriousness, it sounds like Candace Cameron Bure and Kirk Cameron had a great experience working on Fuller House together. Fuller House Season 5 will feature both a fictional family and some real-life family!

Could this help soothe the sting (and distract from the obvious) of Lori Loughlin's absence due to the college admissions scandal? Only time will tell. There are no signs that either of the Olsen twins seized what is likely the last chance to play Michelle Tanner on screen for Fuller House's final season, although John Stamos had some hopeful comments about another potential Full House spinoff.

The first half of Fuller House Season 5 will release on Friday, December 6 at 12:01 a.m. PT on Netflix, as one of the many winter and midseason series coming to the small screen in the not-too-distant future.

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