Fuller House Is Down To Its Final Week, And Candace Cameron Bure Is In Tears

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Fuller House is down to its final week, and Candace Cameron Bure is in tears. The actress is not the first to find herself highly emotional as their series wound down. A similar thing happened to The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco after the finale table read. Now it is happening to Bure as the revival/spinoff enters its final week of filming.

Candace Cameron Bure previously shared that she is pretending Fuller House is not ending. It personally seems like just yesterday that the spinoff launched. Fast forward several years and Bure has now shared her emotional reaction to entering the final phase of Fuller House’s run. As she shared on her Instagram story, via Fox News, she was in tears all that morning as the Fuller House team worked on the series finale.

This is it. We just have a week left with each other. It’s really hard. It’s really, really hard. . . . There's no worry on our part about the future, and so I just thank you and reassure you to just have tears with us and hug along with us, 'cause that's what we need, more the comfort and the love.

The actress has been keeping her followers updated as Fuller House edges towards the finish line. She posted a picture from the set alongside her co-stars Andrea Barber (Kimmy), Juan Pablo di Pace (Fernando), and Steve Winger (Steve). As a long-time Full House fan, I think the love in the photo is pretty evident. Candace Cameron Bure even says so herself! Check it out:

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In another recent photo from the set of Fuller House, Candace Cameron Bure can be spotted on the Tanners’ beloved blue pattern couch. I am going to miss moments like that, knowing DJ Tanner is not going to be sitting on that couch in new episodes. Try not to cry as you look at the picture below:

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For some background, Fuller House is one of the many series that Netflix has cancelled this year. Back in October 2018, there was a report the show would end with Season 4. Candace Cameron Bure soon shut down the rumors, and sure enough, Fuller House got renewed for Season 5. Sadly, that news was met with a bittersweet announcement. It would be the show's last.

The cast accordingly shared their reactions to Fuller House ending. It was not the news many fans may have wanted to hear. However, Candace Cameron Bure gave fans some positive news in its wake. Bure said to expect some wedding bells to ring in the final season. Given the way that Season 4 ended, that seems to be inevitable.

Kimmy was the surrogate for her brother and Stephanie’s baby. After Kimmy gave birth to Jimmy and Stephanie’s daughter, Jimmy proposed to Stephanie. She accepted, which seemed to set up a wedding for them in Fuller House’s final season. Time will tell if it actually happens. Candace Cameron Bure did not give away which Fuller House couple would be the one that wedding bells rang for.

Now, to the question that so many want the answer to. Will fans ever get a Michelle Tanner update via an on-screen appearance? To its credit, Fuller House did address her absence last season. At this point, I am doubtful. Another question looming is the future of Full House as a television universe. Is Fuller House really the end?

John Stamos, who plays the iconic Uncle Jesse, weighed in on if there is potential for another spinoff after Fuller House ends. Fans will have to hope and wait to see if anything ends up happening. For now, Fuller House ending means the second end of the Full House universe on-screen. In the words of Uncle Jesse: “Have mercy!”

Fuller House’s fifth and final season will be available to stream in late 2019, among other Netflix original premieres. Season 5 has yet to reveal its official arrival date, but it will be one of this fall’s TV premieres.

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