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You Penn Badgley Joe Goldberg Netflix

The trailer for You Season 2 hints that viewers are in for a big shock when the thriller returns on December 26. When it comes to the Lifetime-turned-Netflix hit, surprises are to be expected. Therefore, what Penn Badgley’s Joe reveals at the end of the trailer opens the door to some enormous speculation.

Fans knew that Joe would be hitting the California sun in Season 2, by trading New York City for weather-friendly drama in Los Angeles. After what transpired in You’s first season, a change of scenery was not entirely necessary. Joe had successfully framed his therapist Dr. Nicky (John Stamos) for Beck’s murder. Or did he?

At the end of the trailer for Season 2, You drops a big shock. Before it happens, Joe’s voiceover carries on with his usual insights into the personalities that surround him. He especially zeroes in on people’s desire to be someone they are not in LA. Then he provides his name for his coffee order, and it is not Joe.

Find out what it is by watching You’s trailer and reconvene for some important info!

While it may seem innocuous at first, the name Joe supplies is a great potential Season 2 clue for more than one reason. First off, Will is not just any name in the universe of You. It is the name of a previously announced Season 2 newcomer. The character played by Gotham’s Robin Lord Taylor is Will!

Yes, Will is a popular name, and Joe could meet him and decide it would make an excellent false name for himself. But this is Joe we are talking about, and there is never an innocent explanation for anything. I think there is probably a more sinister reason. In my mind, Joe is going to assume Will’s identity, and he might kill him to take it!

After all, Penn Badgley was left nauseous and injured while filming Season 2. In one instance, the You star revealed that there were scenes involving prosthetic bodies. Does one of them belong to Will? There is a potential clue in what You’s showrunner and co-creator, Sera Gamble told LAD Bible:

Episode two of the season has my single favourite shot that I have been a part of in my entire career. My career is full of blood and gore and monsters. It's also beautifully shot and the director who shot the second episode lavished a lot of love. Joe is forced to do something he really doesn't want to do.

Does the thing that Joe does not want to do in You Season 2 involve killing Will or his ex-girlfriend Candace? She is set to be seen a lot more in Season 2 with actress Ambyr Childers having been upped to series regular status for the second season.

Based on what we know about Will, he is a guy who shares a lot of personality traits with Joe. Here's hoping he does not possess all of them. There is no indication Will is a killer stalker. His character description did indicate that he dealt with “unsavory” people due to his job, which opens another possibility for You Season 2.

Maybe Will gets killed as a result of those dealings, and Joe (ever the opportunist) leverages it to assume his identity! Meaning that Joe is not the one who kills Will for his own needs, although he ends up taking advantage of the situation. It would be a total Joe move.

Joe using a false name at all indicates that he may be trying to avoid the authorities. Are they going to be on the hunt for him? Remember, Season 2 newcomer Charlie Barnett revealed that You’s upcoming season would be like HBO’s True Detective. Detectives meet Joe, a.k.a. Will!

Does Joe assume a new identity in an attempt to evade the cops? If so, how long will he succeed in living his life as “Will”? Find out when You Season 2 premieres this winter on December 26 on Netflix. After bingeing it, you can look forward to the streamer’s 2020 releases.