How Netflix's You Season 2 Will Be Like True Detective

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How will Season 2 of Netflix’s You be like True Detective? Russian Doll star and You newcomer Charlie Barnett is teasing that the two crime dramas will share something in common. That commonality could mean the walls will be closing in on Joe when the smash-hit series returns. Why?

Well, it all comes down to something that You has not shown a lot of – the investigator’s side of the story. That is something that True Detective spends a great deal of time on, while You has not. Could that be where You’s newfound True Detective feel is coming from?

You stayed close to Joe and Quinn’s perspective in Season 1. With neither of them involved with the police, You did not focus much on law enforcement efforts. That may be about to change. Could investigators be working to bring Joe down will some help from that returning player? Teasing Season 2, You newcomer Charlie Barnett told TV Guide:

It does have more of a True Detective quality. You see a little more of the crime and punishment end of it just from our character outlets, from the people who are being added to the story.

Interesting! How will Charlie Barnett’s character and the other newcomers come into play with this True Detective angle? Could one of them have a family member, friend, or acquaintance in the police force? A person who could eventually get tipped off about Joe and begin investigating him in Season 2? It seems feasible. Then again, I could be reading way too much into this.

True Detective parallels are not where Charlie Barnett’s exciting hints for Season 2 end! Barnett also has really nice things to say about You’s second season in general. Remember, the pressure is on considering the expectations that the first season set. Continuing to tease Season 2, Barnett said:

It's gonna be a really exciting season. Victoria is an unbelievable actress. Penn is an unbelievable actor. And I think the writers and just that production team and crew picked it all up 100 percent. Also while they're following close to the book, there are some extreme turns that are so beautifully laid in. As an audience member, I'm really excited to see those episodes play out.

"Victoria" is Haunting of Hill House and upcoming Bly Manor actress Victoria Pedretti. She will play Love Quinn, who is Joe’s latest obsession, post-Beck. She is an aspiring chef who is not big on social media. Charlie Barnett will play Love’s “oldest friend” and “closest confidant,” Gabe. Let us hope he does not meet the fate of Peach!

The “Penn” that Charlie Barnett is referencing is Penn Badgley, who will return as the series’ resident psychopath, Joe. Badgley has already revealed that filming Season 2 left him injured and a bit nauseous. What will that mean for You? Stay tuned.

Have you already read the sequel to the book that You is based on, Caroline Kepnes’ Hidden Bodies? If so, it does not sound like you have totally ruined Season 2 for yourself. Charlie Barnett hints that there are some “extreme turns” to come! There is more to look forward to besides how Season 2 will be different as a solely Netflix series.

I am ready for You Season 2! Hopefully it is channeling True Detective at the top of its game!

A premiere date for You Season 2 has not been set yet by Netflix. The chance for You to be among this fall’s premieres is readily disappearing. You can currently binge the first season on Netflix, along with lots of other new content.

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