The Awesome Vikings Props Katheryn Winnick Took After The Final Day Of Filming

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While Vikings just started airing the first half of Season 6, the filming process has already concluded for the entire final season. Earlier this year, it was announced that the History series would be coming to an end. Like Game of Thrones and The Big Bang Theory before it, the cast had to deal with saying goodbye. What awesome props did Katheryn Winnick take after the final day of filming?

It seems to be becoming a tradition of sorts among long-running casts to keep a souvenir or have their eye on one as wrapping closes in. Katheryn Winnick got to take home several items after Vikings’ final day of filming! All of them are spot-on prop perfection. On her souvenir(s), Winnick told People:

I got Lagertha’s sword. It’s a good one. Also, her very first armor. It’s the very first one, is done by Calvin, who’s a close friend of mine in Ireland. He’s such a great brother craftsmanship and just to have her armor, her battle field outfit.

How cool is that? In my book, absolutely, amazingly, cool. Lagertha has put her sword down on Vikings (she even buried it). In real life, it is now back in Katheryn Winnick’s capable hands. The actress’s reveal comes as Lagertha attempts to retire from her life as a shield-maiden on the show. That's a career move that Vikings’ creator hints she will not be able to do.

Rest assured that this is not the last time that Vikings fans will have seen Katheryn Winnick swinging a sword as Lagertha. She previously teased that Lagertha has one battle left to fight in Season 6. Look out, Ivar? While Lagertha may know that she is facing death at one of the sons of Ragnar’s hands, she is moving forward.

The fan-favorite character is forging along without her sword for now, which gave Katheryn Winnick some new territory to cover. Speaking of battle gear, Lagertha’s sword and first suit of armor are not the only props that Winnick got to keep from Vikings. She also got to take Lagertha’s life-saving shield! Discussing one of what she called her “prized possessions,” Winnick said:

And it’s part of the crew members like, to have a whole shield of everybody’s signature, which I love. And also had this incredible horn that has Lagertha’s journey throughout the whole thing. And it took over a hundred hours to make. It’s beautiful horn. And also Michael Herz brought the most beautiful poem.

A sword, armor, a cast-and-crew-signed shield, a beautiful horn, and a poem! Katheryn Winnick is all set with her Vikings props. All of them hold special meaning for her character and, accordingly, Winnick’s journey on the show. Thankfully, that journey is far from over for fans. Season 6 of the historical drama just started!

As Katheryn Winnick previously teased, there is still a lot to come for Lagertha on-screen. Her and Ragnar’s son, Bjorn, is now ruling Kattegat, which Lagertha feels he is “destined” to do, according to Winnick. The Season 6 premiere got his life as King of Kattegat off to a shaky start.

After Bjorn banished Ivar’s allies with a brand to the forehead, they looked ready to seek retribution against Bjorn and Lagertha. As Vikings’ premiere wrapped up, they were shown spying on an injured Lagertha. Will she put her armor back on, grab her sword, and take up her shield to fight them? Sound that horn because I hope so!

New episodes of Vikings air Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on History. The historical drama’s return is part of this winter's premieres. Do not forget about the upcoming Vikings’ spinoff happening on Netflix. Hopefully, it will join the streamer’s 2020 releases at some point.

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