Which Son Of Ragnar Will Kill Lagertha In Vikings' Final Season 6?

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Vikings has a big mystery to solve in Season 6, and it can only get resolved through tragic means. The fate of Lagertha has been mired in the question of which of Ragnar’s sons will kill her. How do fans know that is how Lagertha will go to Valhalla? Vikings set it up a while ago, and the final season should see the plot realized.

In promoting Season 6, Vikings shared a clip from the cryptic scene where Lagertha seeks insight into her eventual demise from the all-knowing Seer. It is a reminder of the moment that forever put a sinking feeling into the hearts of Lagertha fans. Check it out and reconvene below for more final season speculation!

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This Vikings clip excludes The Seer’s answer, which is a chilling “yes.” Hence, Lagertha’s fate is pretty much sealed. This clip also leaves out that Lagertha originally asked if the “sons” (plural) of Ragnar kill her. The Seer did not respond. Lagertha ended up asking again, this time making it singular.

That is when The Seer responded, narrowing it down to a single son of Ragnar who is responsible. Does The Seer ignoring her question the first time mean anything? Maybe not. Or it could have been Vikings' way of saying that Lagertha’s killer will work alone. Just a thought/theory.

The question is: which of Ragnar’s sons will be the death of her? Obviously, Bjorn is off the table. He is her son, and the two share a remarkable bond. There is no way Bjorn would harm his mother unless Vikings had it occur via some sort of accident.

As of Season 6, Ivar would reasonably be the top suspect. He hates her and has vowed to kill her in the past. At one point on Vikings, Ivar told her straight out: “I will kill you, Lagertha. Your fate is fixed.” If you think it is case closed on Ivar killing Lagertha, though, think again.

As every television fan knows, things seldom play out the way they are teased. Ivar taking off on his journey seemed to put him out of Kattegat and away from Lagertha. However, the trailer for Vikings Season 6 indicated he would be back with an army. Could he and Lagertha square off one last time?

Ivar murdered The Seer last season, and his ruthlessness has seen no real limits. If you take out Bjorn and Ivar, you are left with Ubbe and Hvitserk. Out of Ragnar’s sons by Aslaug, Lagertha has the closest bond with Ubbe. The two have been avid allies on Vikings, so him killing her in Season 6 would be out there.

Next to Ivar, Hvitserk is my top suspect. He is not a loyal person, and I could see him betraying Bjorn again. Ivar and Hvitserk have traditionally had a close relationship. It did seem to take a significant hit last season as Hvitserk changed sides again, this time from Ivar to Bjorn’s. Could he kill Lagertha? You bet.

Warning: spoilers for Vikings Season 6 are discussed beyond this point.

Vikings’ Katheryn Winnick has seemed to confirm that Lagertha will die in Season 6. Given that this is the final season, Lagertha’s death was to be expected. Vikings’ last installment will be split in half, so it is unclear if she is killed off in the first or second part.

I cannot imagine Vikings killing off Lagertha in the first half. She is the only Season 1 character left who is played by the original actor, so she is necessary to keep part of the series' starting fabric alive until the finale. After everything that Lagertha has gone through, she has focused less on the prophecy, but it is haunting her.

As much as I would love for part of Lagertha “redefining her last chapter” to include not getting killed by one of Ragnar’s sons, The Seer has spoken. In the world of Vikings, her fate is unalterable.

The two-hour premiere of Vikings Season 6 will happen this fall. The final season starts on Wednesday, December 4, at 9 p.m. ET on History. Vikings: Season 5 Volume 2 Blu-ray/DVD set is out now!

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