How Blue Bloods' Danny Is Raising Kids As A Single Father In Season 10

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Danny Reagan has a lot going on in his life on Blue Bloods in Season 10. He is a devoted single father and an ardent police detective. His role in the former was not always the case. Danny was married to Linda, with whom he shares two sons, Jack and Sean. She was a part of Blue Bloods from the first season until its seventh.

In a surprising and tragic twist, Danny’s wife, Linda, was killed in between Blue Bloods’ seventh and eighth seasons. When the series returned for its premiere, it was revealed that Linda had died. A fate her portrayer, Amy Carlson, later responded to. Fast forward to Season 10, and Danny is still trying to be the best dad he can be to his two sons.

Now that his sons are growing up into adulthood on Blue Bloods, is Danny contemplating the future of his career? Donnie Wahlberg is ready for a CBS crossover, and he has weighed in on where Danny’s mindset is in Season 10. On the topic of Danny’s career ambitions, Wahlberg told TV Insider:

The Reagans are all growing in their own way. Frank may run for mayor someday. Erin could possibly be a DA. Jamie's climbing the ladder. Danny marches to the beat of his own drum. His goal is to be the best cop he can be and help solve crimes other people can't. That's where he wants to be. I'm not sure he's thinking about being upwardly mobile right now as much as he's thinking about raising his kids as a single parent and bringing justice to families.

It sounds like Danny just wants to be the best cop that he can be in Season 10 while balancing life as a single parent. Promotions are not really in on his radar at the moment. He is doing what he loves by doing his detective work alongside his partner Maria Baez. The Blue Bloods duo have certainly had enough cases to keep them busy!

As for his family life, Danny is transitioning into life as the father of young men. He has one adult-age son, Jack, who is attending Hadleigh College. Meanwhile, Danny’s younger son by a few years, Sean, is taking an active role in the family’s weekly dinners. What is in store for Danny in Season 10 on the family front? Blue Bloods’ Donnie Wahlberg said:

What's interesting is the character played by Andrew [Terraciano], Sean, is really becoming much more vocal, which is a lot of fun in dinner scenes. He's becoming the voice of the youth at the dinner table, which is really great. It does cause some problems for Danny because he's often coming down on the opposite side of where his father stands on things, so it's created some interesting fun.

That is interesting! Could Sean’s continued outspokenness lead to one of Donnie Wahlberg’s picks for most memorable family dinners? Anything is possible at this point. Sean Reagan would not be the only family member to voice descent in the issues discussed at the Reagans’ dinner table. Blue Bloods sometimes delves into topical affairs.

The Reagan family has as many opinions as it has members. Danny certainly has a standard to help guide him in disagreeing with his son. Reagan patriarch, Frank (Tom Selleck), has been known to clash with his adult children’s point of view. In Season 10, Blue Bloods put Frank and his youngest son, Jamie, at odds.

Find out how Danny’s journey as a single father continues in Season 10 when new episodes of Blue Bloods air Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS. The long-running crime procedural is one of the many shows that will be airing new this winter.

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