Grey's Anatomy Star Jesse Williams' Wife Wants $200,000 From Him To Help Fund Divorce Process

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Divorces are undoubtedly messy affairs. Just as weddings are intended to be showcases of love and commitment, the divorce process signifies a strain in one's romance, a breaking of the tidings, the end of one's dedication to another. And often money gets involved, which is always a prickly matter — particularly during celebrity divorces. Case-in-point: Jesse Williams. The Grey's Anatomy actor is separating from his wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, and she expects to receive a whole lot of money from the celebrity as they call it quits on their love. Specifically, Drake-Lee reportedly wants Jesse Williams to pay her $100,000 in order to pay for her lawyer.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the divorce process for Aryn Drake-Lee and Jesse Williams is starting to get very expensive for the actor. At least, that's if Drake-Lee gets her way in this ongoing divorce settlement discussion. In addition to the aforementioned $100,000 that the ex-wife expects Williams to provide during this divorce process, Drake-Lee also reportedly wants to receive an additional $100,000 in order to pay off the forensic accountant that she has on hand for the forthcoming divorce trail. That's certainly a whole lotta moolah.

Now, just because Aryn Drake-Lee is requesting this money from Jesse Williams doesn't automatically mean it'll come to fruition. After all, Williams has allegedly already given Drake-Lee a whopping $270,000 in order to pay her legal bills. But she claims that's not enough. Now, she's reportedly requesting more from the prominent television actor and activist before their impending September trail. It should also be noted that Jesse Williams already pays Aryn Drake-Lee $100,000 a month in support — both spousal support and child support for their two kids, Sadie (5) and Maceo (3).

Currently, Jesse Williams and Aryn Drake-Lee have a joint legal custody agreement worked out. It's a flexible plan that accommodates Williams' shooting schedule for Grey's Anatomy. But Drake-Lee reportedly wants to make it a more consistent payment schedule, and she wants to start receiving money on a weekly system.

As you can expect, Jesse Williams is fighting back against these high charges, believing that Aryn Drake-Lee is simply asking for too much money from him. Throughout the past few weeks, he has been battling to lowers these expected costs, believing that she is milking too much from the actor. But Aryn Drake-Lee, as made evident here, doesn't believe that's the case. Instead, she seemingly believes that she is entitled to close to $1 million in support funds. She'll keep fighting to receive more money.

Jesse Williams and Aryn Drake-Lee will continue to hash it out in the months leading up to their separation trail. As it was said earlier, these matters are never easy, and it's going to require a lot of push-and-pull from both parties as they work towards some sort of settlement that's either agreeable or mandated by the courts.

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