Young Sheldon Cast A Country Music Superstar For A 'Fiery' New Role

Reba In Malibu Country

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The Big Bang Theory spinoff Young Sheldon is in the midst of its third season, and third has turned out to be the charm for a certain guest star. Young Sheldon will be welcoming a country music superstar this season, and she is familiar with bringing the funny to television to boot. Sitcom veteran and star of her own long-running eponymous series, Reba McEntire, is on her way!

The country music singer will be putting in an appearance on the CBS comedy just in time for sweeps. According to TVLine, Reba McEntire will guest star on Young Sheldon during a February episode of the series. McEntire coming aboard is not where the excitement ends. 'Cause we also know who she is playing.

Reba McEntire will be guest-starring in a role that connects with a key character – Craig T. Nelson’s Dale Ballard, aka Coach Ballard. It looks like Young Sheldon is beefing up the new Season 3 character’s storyline. Nelson actually also made his debut this season, and he's already getting a blast from the past.

The actress (who actually turned down Titanic) will play Dale’s ex-wife June, who is described as “fun and fiery.” That sounds like Reba McEntire’s Reba alter ego, and I like it! There's no mention made of why June pops in at this time. How she and Dale’s new girlfriend, Sheldon’s Meemaw, react to one another is disclosed. Will they clash?

On the contrary: June and Meemaw are going to hit it off. The two reportedly will forge a surprising friendship, which should be interesting considering one is dating the other’s ex-husband. Who better to commiserate with Meemaw over Coach Ballard than his ex-wife?

We already know Young Sheldon will be back for Season 4 thanks to CBS’ mega-renewal, which happened last year. Hence, there is a theoretical reason to hope Reba McEntire’s guest appearance will not be one and done. Storywise, the show is giving her a great start, in my opinion.

As far as Meemaw/Dale shippers are concerned, time will tell if Dale’s ex-wife is stirs up any trouble for the couple. I suppose it depends on if Dale is comfortable with his current girlfriend being "best friends forever" with his ex-wife. There are worse things to contend with, right?

Young Sheldon has been in the news due to its ratings post-Big Bang Theory. Since the latter show ended last year, Young Sheldon has been powering through its third season without the lead-in of its predecessor series. The show’s recent performance has even led Chuck Lorre to weigh in.

News of Young Sheldon’s February guest star should get fans excited to see what is next, though. While there may not be tension between Annie Potts’ Meemaw and Reba McEntire’s June, the same may not be said for Dale and June. Craig T. Nelson had previously alluded to Dale’s resentment towards his ex-wife.

Meemaw is no stranger to also having tension with Dale. So, maybe that is what will bond her with June. Either way, there should be some fireworks in store! As someone who fondly recalls the sitcom, Reba, I can attest that Reba McEntire knows her way around a zinger. Hopefully, that comes in handy here!

Interestingly, Reba featured Reba McEntire in an antagonistic relationship with her ex-husband’s new wife. Young Sheldon is set to have McEntire play an ex who becomes fast friends with her ex's current girlfriend, which could be a fun switch-up. For now, new episodes of Young Sheldon air Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. The comedy is among this winter’s premieres.

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