Star Wars: The Clone Wars Trailer Reveals Ahsoka's Big Battle With Maul And More Final Season Moments

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The seventh season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is finally less than a month away, and Disney+ celebrated the upcoming return of the beloved series with the release of an epic trailer and confirmation of the premiere date. Season 7 will also be Clone Wars' final season, so the action should take characters like Ahsoka, Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Maul to the final stages of their pre-Revenge of the Sith era journeys. For Ahsoka, this means a major lightsaber battle with Maul.

That said, Ahsoka's upcoming battle with Maul (teased by Clone Wars boss Dave Filoni as "among the best" duels the series ever created) is only one highlight of the trailer. Keep on scrolling for some of the biggest moments with the potential to be game-changers in the seventh and final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars!

clone wars season 7 mace windu

Mace Windu Senses A Plot

As Star Wars fans know, Revenge of the Sith saw the end of the Republic and the Jedi Order largely due to everybody's failure to see that Palpatine was the Sith lord Darth Sidious. The Jedi never really stood a chance once Palpatine ordered the clones to execute Order 66. Mace Windu was so unprepared that he (probably) lost his life after a confrontation with Palpatine himself. But in the Clone Wars trailer, Mace Windu senses "a plot to destroy the Jedi." What happens that he never figures the plot out before it's too late?

the clone wars season 7 clones

The Clones Have Doubts

The clones of the Star Wars prequel trilogy are probably best remembered for their role in ending the Jedi with Order 66. The TV shows added some nuance to the clones and revealed that there were chips in their heads that made them attack their Jedi comrades, and now Season 7 is apparently adding even more shades of gray to them. The trailer reveals the clones "have mixed feelings about the war," since they wouldn't exist without the war but clearly have doubts. Does this set the stage for Rex and a couple others removing their chips and appearing in Star Wars Rebels?

clone wars season 7 anakin padme pregnant

Anakin Talks To A Pregnant Padmé

Hello there, little Luke and Leia! The Clone Wars' Season 7 trailer shows Anakin talking to Padmé via hologram, with Padmé visibly pregnant and touching her baby bump to boot. Since Anakin doesn't learn that his wife is pregnant until early in Revenge of the Sith and there's no way he could see this hologram and not connect the dots, fans can pretty much take this moment as proof that The Clone Wars will advance into the Revenge of the Sith timeline, which will definitely show a different Anakin than early seasons of The Clone Wars.

clone wars season 7 bo katan ahsoka

Bo-Katan And Ahsoka Join Forces

Clone Wars Season 7 will tackle the Siege of Mandalore. Bo-Katan was bound to be part of the action thanks to her role on Mandalore following Maul's murder of her sister, and the architecture in the background of this particular trailer scene definitely suggests Mandalore. Ahsoka is no Jedi at this point, but she'll clearly team with Bo-Katan to fight for Mandalore. Sadly, Rebels fans know the outcome of this battle. Still, it should be epic to watch, and potentially even impact the future of The Mandalorian after its Season 1 finale twist.

clone wars season 7 siege of mandalore

The Siege Of Mandalore Rages (Probably)

Speaking of Mandalore, it's probably safe to say that a lot of the action sequences throughout the trailer take place during the battle to keep Mandalore from falling into the hands of the Separatists and battle droids. In this sequence, the outdoor architecture certainly points toward Mandalore, and the clones with jetpacks make sense for a battle to save this particular planet and people. Stormtroopers with jetpacks appeared on Mandalore in Rebels, after all! It looks like there will be a lot of death and destruction before the fate of Mandalore in the final days of the Republic is decided.

clone wars season 7 maul

Maul Is Up To Something With A Clone

Maul has a part to play in the Siege of Mandalore, and he actually appears throughout the trailer. At one point, he predicts the end of the Republic and the Jedi, and he'll clearly be in the mix on Mandalore. Notably, however, there's this moment where Maul is using the Force on a clone, and it looks like he's forcing his way into the man's mind. This can only be a bad thing for the Jedi and the pre-Order 66 clones. Maul has a plan, and if he has inside info from a clone, that plan could be pretty effective before he winds up in his Rebels state.

clone wars season 7 ahsoka vs maul mandalore

Maul Vs. Ahsoka

In perhaps the most suspenseful scene of the trailer, Maul and Ahsoka prepare to face off in the throne room on Mandalore. There's at least one body in the background, and the battle seems to be raging outside the windows. This duel was teased way back in the Star Wars Rebels Season 2 finale when Maul referred to a fight with Ahsoka that hadn't happened in any Clone Wars story before the series was cancelled. The long-awaited sequence is on the way. When both draw their lightsabers in the trailer, the stage is set for something truly thrilling.

clone wars season 7 ahsoka vs maul lightsabers

Bonus: Ahsoka's Lightsaber Reveal

Although the Clone Wars trailer only shows Ahsoka with her lightsabers drawn to battle Maul for a few moments, viewers can get a good look at Ahsoka's weapons. She's known for her ability to fight with two lightsabers, but she lost her green and yellow weapons before she left the Jedi in the original run of The Clone Wars, and she fought with two white lightsabers with curved hilts by the time she turned up in Rebels. Does Ahsoka get her hands on two more kyber crystals to make these blue lightsabers, or are they the lightsabers of fallen Jedi that she picked up? And when does she create the white lightsabers she uses in Rebels?

Check out the full trailer below to see all these moments in motion, and more!

See what happens for Ahsoka, Anakin, and more in the final days of the Jedi Order when Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 premieres Friday, February 21 on Disney+. The seventh and final season should fill in a lot of blanks about the fall of the Republic circa Revenge of the Sith, so be sure to check it out!

There will likely still be questions about what happened to Ahsoka after the World Between Worlds on Star Wars Rebels and what the Rise of Skywalker twist means about her ultimate fate, but fans will have at least some answers after The Clone Wars Season 7.

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