The Bachelor’s Chris Harrison Hilariously Compares Peter’s Injury To Colton Jumping The Fence

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Spoilers ahead for the February 3 episode of Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor ahead.

The long-awaited episode featuring Peter Weber's explanation for the face wound he sustained during his season of The Bachelor finally arrived, and the truth behind the stitches was silly enough that even Peter couldn't help but laugh when he told the contestants what had happened. Yes, the leading man of The Bachelor ran into a stationary golf cart while trying to climb in holding a glass, and the end result was 22 stitches, a bandage on his head, and host Chris Harrison comparing the incident to when former Bachelor Colton Underwood jumped a fence to escape producers.

Chris Harrison's commentary on the incident hilariously came at the very end of the episode, with his face obscured and his voice modified for anonymity, only for his identity to be given away at the very end. A staged gag? Sure. Hilarious all the same? 100%. Weighing in on Peter's injury compared to Colton's break for freedom, Harrison said this:

First off, let me just say it’s important that I remain anonymous. Although I do know every detail about Peter’s tragic accident that I will share with you now. As you can clearly see in the surveillance video, Peter was getting into the back of a cart. If Colton jumped the fence but then caught his foot and fell face first into the cement and broke his head open, this would be the same as that. Without any athleticism or skill or talent. When I think of the clumsiest Bachelor or Bachelorette that we’ve ever had, I think Peter takes the cake. I’ve seen the guy fall a lot, trip a lot, and he’s bumping into things, so it’s not a huge surprise that this tragedy took place.

Harsh! When Peter isn't dealing with the latest batch of drama (which continues despite the passing of ChampagneGate and the departure of Alayah Benavidez) or smashing his face while trying to step into a golf cart, Chris Harrison is making fun of him for being clumsy! And this from the Bachelor host who says he's "someone to be trusted."

In all seriousness, Chris Harrison's commentary on Peter's clumsiness combined with the actual footage of the injury and the comparison to Colton jumping the fence makes the one-minute tag of the massive three-hour episode a highlight in my book. The Bachelor hasn't shown much of clumsy Peter, but if there's truth to Harrison's words, then there's a lot we don't see about his adventures looking for love.

As Bachelor fans will undoubtedly remember, Colton definitely didn't smash his face or any other body part when he fled from producers and jumped a fence to escape. It was a twist that was heavily promoted and hyped in the weeks leading up to the jump, and although he later shared that he didn't actually expect to escape when he ran, he did explain what happened after he did it.

While Colton obviously wasn't in a joking mood when he fled the Bachelor team by nimbly jumping a fence, he has recovered enough to joke about it. When the official Bachelor Twitter account posted a video of Chris Harrison roasting Peter for smashing his face, Colton shared a response:

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Colton may have been roasted in the Bachelor franchise from everything from his virginity to his kissing skills, but he clearly has it in him to do a little roasting back when it comes to how heavily ABC and The Bachelor hyped the big fence jump. In comparison, Peter's injury was barely even promoted at all. Of course, Peter was genuinely injured and needed medical treatment, so making light of that might have felt a little too sensational compared to what Colton did.

What's next for Peter? Will he finish The Bachelor without any further physical injury? Find out in new episodes on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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