Sophie Turner's First TV Show After Game Of Thrones Looks Absolutely Wild

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When Game of Thrones wrapped up last year after eight tumultuous seasons of murder, dragon fire, double-crossing, character switcheroos and general unpredictable mayhem, we all wondered where our favorite actors were going to end up next. Well, Sophie Turner, erstwhile Queen in the North Sansa Stark, has a new show coming up soon, and it looks like it'll be just as wild as Game of Thrones.

Sophie Turner is starring in the new Quibi series, Survive, with Corey Hawkins (6 Underground, 24: Legacy), and if you thought she was going to jump into something lighter like a sitcom or series where a young woman isn't constantly in danger, well, you'd be wrong. Survive looks like it's going to be pretty intense most of the way through, and should certainly keep Turner and GOT fans on their toes. Take a look!

Phew, boy. I am already majorly stressed out and all I've seen is (checks video) 52 seconds of Survive! We don't have a lot of official information about the new show, but, from what we see in the short trailer, it seems like we might not need much more to go on before tuning in when it hits Quibi in April. It appears that Sophie Turner's Jane is on her way home after a stay in some kind of mental health or substance abuse facility when the plane that's she's on with new friend Paul (Hawkins)...ends up in a very unfortunate place.

Not only does their plane crash land, but it crashes and breaks apart quite violently, leaving everyone dead but Jane and Paul. Now, they have to figure out where they are, and find shelter, food and water as they try to survive the harsh, snowy and probably seriously cold conditions. At least we know Jane is ready for winter, though, right?

I don't know about you, but I already have some deep suspicions about Paul. What are the chances, really, that this airplane goes down and the one person on board who Jane sort of knows is also the only other one to survive that deadly crash? Also, Jane has a pretty nasty cut on her head, but he seems to be totally fine. How is that, Paul? I mean, I'm not saying he caused the crash, but, honestly...he might have caused the crash.

So, you might be wondering what the deal is with Survive being on Quibi, but it's set to be a streaming experience like no other. The whole point of the service is to offer shows in "quick bites." New episodes on the mobile-only platform are offered each day, but those episodes will only be 10 minutes or less in length so that you don't have to spend much time each day watching the story unfold. Other shows lined up include a Steven Spielberg horror series, a crazy action adventure comedy with Kevin Hart and John Travolta, and a dangerous sounding reality show with Zac Efron, so content is already poppin'.

Right now, we don't know how many short episode of Survive there will be, but we can tune in to watch Sophie Turner try to overcome her, ridiculously difficult, circumstances at some point after Quibi launches on April 6. You can stick with CinemaBlend for more on the show, and to see what else is coming up on a variety of small screens in the winter and spring of 2020!

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