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Is The Bachelor’s Victoria Fuller About To Pull A Colton On Peter Weber?

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Spoilers ahead for the February 10 episode of The Bachelor on ABC.

Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor has been packed with drama, ranging from #ChampagneGate to the unfortunate two-on-one date with Tammy Ly and Mykenna Dunn. Remaining contestant Victoria Fuller deserves the top prize for the most drama not involving any bachelorette other than herself, even though the Chase Rice situation wasn't her fault and the modeling gig that cost her the Cosmo cover didn't come to light until the season was over. Now, new Bachelor footage suggests Victoria F. is going to pull a Colton Underwood on Peter.

No, I'm not referring to Colton's virginity being a major plot point throughout his season of The Bachelor or even the kissing skills that got him roasted by some of his former bachelorettes on Bachelor in Paradise. I'm referring to the twist from his season that was arguably more hyped than his virginity: the fence jump.

As The Bachelor fans -- and probably anybody who watched ABC during Colton's season -- remember, an overwhelmed Colton jumped over a fence to escape Chris Harrison and producers. Long before the show actually revealed what motivated Colton to make a run for it, bits and pieces of the jump and Colton's increasingly emotional state appeared in promo content.

In the trailer for the rest of Peter's season, an upset Victoria F. can be seen telling the cameraperson following her that she "can't" and that she's "so fucking done" while walking away into the darkness.

She doesn't actually run away or jump a fence like Colton did, but she's also not the lead of the season, so nobody chased after her when she quickly walked away. Who knows what she would have done if the person manning the camera followed her?

Of course, it's not altogether surprising that Victoria F. has a little bit of a meltdown, even if The Bachelor didn't spend most of the season hyping her kinda sorta pulling a Colton and walking away from the production team. She's seemed somewhat off-balance to me ever since she was surprised with her ex Chase Rice on what should have been a wonderful one-on-one with Peter, and her uncertainty about the whole Bachelor process made it somewhat surprising that Peter kept her and sent home Kelley Flanagan this week.

The trailer for the next episode does show pretty much everybody except for Chris Harrison breaking down in tears, and it seems there will be some Colton-esque virginity drama once Madison drops the bombshell that she's saving herself for marriage. What does this mean for Peter "Four Times In A Windmill" Weber? Will Madison continue saving herself for marriage, or will she be the woman (or one of the women) he's intimate with during his season of The Bachelor?

More drama will unfold between Victoria and Peter in the hometowns episode, and it looks like they'll have a fight shortly before Peter meets her family. Craziness is undoubtedly in store. Be sure to tune in to ABC on Monday, February 17 at 8 p.m. ET for the next new episode of The Bachelor.

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