Bosch Cancelled At Amazon Prime, But There’s Good News

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The longest-running original series on Amazon is coming to an end, and Bosch fans will have to prepare to say goodbye to Titus Welliver's titular character. That said, it's not time for those fans to start despairing just yet. There are still two seasons of the series yet to release before the final credits roll. Yes, the confirmation of Bosch's cancellation comes with the confirmation that Amazon renewed for a seventh and final season. It's not all bad news!

In fact, Bosch has not one but two more seasons before the very end. The series was renewed for Season 6 way back in November 2018, and the sixth season has yet to debut on the streamer, although it will premiere at some point this year. By the time the series wraps with its seventh season, Bosch will easily be Amazon's longest-running series.

The 50 episodes released already from the first five seasons mark more than any other Amazon scripted original, and Bosch will be the first Amazon scripted original to hit seven seasons. Based on the best-selling books by Michael Connelly, Bosch was an early and considerable hit for a streaming service fighting to compete with the likes of Netflix and Hulu.

Michael Connelly commented on the upcoming end of the series along with the renewal for Season 7 (via THR), saying this:

I’m proud of what we have accomplished with Bosch and look forward to completing the story in season seven. It’s bittersweet but all good things come to an end and I am happy that we will be able to go out the way we want to. This started seven years ago with showrunner Eric Overmyer and me writing the pilot. We plan to write the last episode together as well. We’ll leave behind the longest-running show so far on Amazon and it will be there to be discovered by new viewers for as long as people are streaming. That is amazing to me. The other thing is that we would not have come all this way without Titus Welliver. There could not have been a better actor to play this role or a better team player to build this show around. He’ll be Harry Bosch for the ages.

The early cancellation should mean that Bosch ends in a way that delivers closure, or at least leaves viewers with the impression that the team behind the seasons desire. This should allow Bosch to go out differently than shows like the recently-cancelled Ray Donovan, which ended without closure to the point that it needs a revival to tie up some loose ends. Michael Connelly is already looking forward to completing the story, with showrunner Eric Overmyer and of course star Titus Welliver (who was previously probably best known for Lost).

While fans can likely look forward to the penultimate sixth season premiering sooner rather than later in 2020, Amazon has not confirmed a premiere window or episode count for the seventh and final season. Still, the episode counts and releases for the earlier seasons allow for some straightforward speculation.

With the exception of the first season, new batches of Bosch episodes have released annually in spring, with mid-April as the most common premiere window. All five seasons so far have run for ten episodes, and the sixth received an order for ten as well. Based on this information from the past seasons of Bosch, we can guess that Seasons 6 and 7 will likely premiere around mid-April, with Season 7 probably running for ten episodes.

For now, you can catch the first five seasons of Bosch streaming on Amazon and watch without despairing that the cancellation means the end has already happened. For some additional viewing options, swing by our 2020 winter and spring premiere guide, and check out our rundown of shows you might like if you like Bosch.

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