MacGyver Will Deliver A Lost Reunion In Next Hawaii Five-0 Crossover

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CBS' pre-weekend lineup has been as big of a success as any Friday night primetime blocks out there, with MacGyver, Hawaii Five-0 and Blue Bloods dependably bringing in audiences en masse. One thing that usually helps get network shows a ratings boost is a crossover episode (which are more common than ever these days), and fans can soon expect to see Hawaii Five-0 and MacGyver cross paths in a way that also allows for a fun Lost reunion.

That's right, CBS' MacGyver will be welcoming former Hawaii Five-0 star Jorge Garcia to an upcoming episode. That news should give comfort to any fans out there who were worried that Garcia's Jerry Ortega wasn't doing too well in the aftermath of his exit. Jerry is back, baby! Check out the former co-stars in the tweet below.

The news about Jerry's return to Friday nights, though not on his own show, was first revealed by Jorge Garcia's former Lost co-star Henry Ian Cusick, who stars as MacGyver's newest main character, Russ Taylor.

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Given that Russ Taylor isn't nearly as sweet of a guy as Lost's Desmond Hume, fans shouldn't get too excited about seeing Henry Ian Cusick getting chummy on screen with Jorge Garcia's Jerry. But perhaps the episode will give fans a more heated exchange between the two.

Just in case anyone was afraid that Jorge Garcia would be returning to CBS as a new character, the official MacGyver Twitter page confirmed it'll indeed be Jerry coming back.

Anyone call for a conspiracy theorist? @jorgegarcia (Jerry Ortega from @HawaiiFive0CBS) will guest star on an upcoming episode of #MacGyver!

With all of Jerry's interest in conspiracy theories, it's easy to believe he might have some kind of an angle on Cusick's character. Given that it's still very early in MacGyver's troublesome fourth season – it only premiered at the start of February – viewers still have a lot to learn about ol' Russ Taylor. So if Jerry can shine a little light on Taylor's past, he might find something that sparks emotions in others.

Of course, that's assuming Taylor hasn't covered any and all of his more controversial tracks with precision. Given that he's more or less filling the void that originated when George Eads left the show as Jack Dalton, Taylor is clearly a consummate professional, and it's possible that he doesn't have any freaky skeletons in his closet. But if he does, expect for them to be revealed as Season 4 continues.

After joining the cast in a guest capacity in Season 4, Jorge Garcia was a major part of Hawaii Five-0 throughout Seasons 5-10, choosing to leave at the end of the tenth season. His final episode drew out a lot of worry in fans, since the show set it up to look like he might be killed off. Alas, all is well, and Jerry will be back at a currently undisclosed time.

Oddly enough, this past week also brought the news that MacGyver vet Lance Gross will be heading to Hawaii Five-0, but not as his former character Billy Colton. He'll be a character named Lincoln Cole that needs the Five-0's security to keep him safe.

MacGyver airs Friday nights on CBS at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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