MacGyver Is Finally Back, But Lucas Till Has A Warning About Season 4

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MacGyver is finally coming back, everybody! After getting left off the fall schedule and leaving fans to wonder why it was not there, Season 4 is about to begin. Brace yourselves, though, because star Lucas Till has a warning about it.

During the wait for MacGyver’s return, series showrunner Peter M. Lenkov teased the action ahead with a behind-the-scenes picture of Lucas Till in-character as the titular hero experiencing an apparent blast from the past with a fellow nerd. Now, Lenkov shared a new tease from TV Guide (via Instagram) with a warning from Till. On the storyline surrounding Mac's family, Till says it is:

[G]oing to get pretty heartbreaking.

Lucas Till’s ominous foreshadowing about Season 4 and Mac’s family comes following confirmation that Mac’s dad, Jim (Tate Donovan), will return to MacGyver for the upcoming season. Nobody at the show has disclosed when Jim will show up, although fans now know something heartbreaking is on the horizon for the family. Could Jim's cancer be involved?

On a more uplifting note, MacGyver will reportedly kick off a month-and-a-half after where it left off. When Season 4 catches up with Mac, Lucas Till teases he is “pretty miserable,” having had to become a college chemistry professor. That is where Lost and The 100’s Henry Ian Cusick’s new character comes in.

Last year, news broke that the fan-favorite was coming to MacGyver in a significant role, which was soon followed by Henry Ian Cusick bidding a final farewell to The 100. As previously reported, Cusick will play Russ, a savvy salesman and former military man with supposed skills in detecting deception.

Now MacGyver fans have a better idea of how he gets tangled up with Mac and the team in Season 4. He buys the Phoenix, which will ultimately lead Russ to clash with the foundation’s former boss, Matty. It sounds like MacGyver introduce some new and exciting dynamics. If only there was not that sad tease about the MacGyvers!

In other (more hopeful) news, fans are still waiting to see if that Hawaii Five-0/Magnum P.I./MacGyver crossover ever happens. Hawaii Five-0 and Magnum P.I. crossed over this season, so you never know! Coming up on four seasons, MacGyver is definitely in a great place to cross paths with its fellow CBS series.

While crossover talk remains open, one thing is for sure, and that is MacGyver will see a lot more of Levy Tran’s Desiree "Desi" Nguyen. Levy Tran was upped to series regular status for Season 4! She and her character were introduced last season and will continue to be a part of the action moving forward.

The wait to seeing MacGyver back on CBS is almost over. Whatever the heartbreak ahead, fans are hopefully ready to shoulder it with the show’s cast of characters. Mac losing his dad would be a particularly tragic chapter for the series to explore. Not that television has shied away from death!

It all leads one to wonder: will MacGyver actually kill off Mac’s dad? CBS’ dramas have gone for the jugular before. For instance, NCIS: New Orleans dealt a jaw-dropping death during its current season. I could see the storyline with Mac’s dad going either way. Hopefully, Mac and the team can figure out some super-cure for his cancer, and he survives!

Anything can happen, and you can find out what's in store when Season 4 kicks off! MacGyver returns as one of this winter’s premieres. Season 4 starts on Friday, February 7, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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