The Blacklist Is Renewed For Season 8 At NBC, Plus More Good News

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Fans of The Blacklist have been anxiously awaiting the drama’s “fun” 2020 return. After all, the midseason finale left viewers with a lot to contemplate. Well, the wait just got a lot sweeter thanks to some uplifting news. In an announcement that is bound to make fans’ hearts soar, NBC has renewed the beloved series for Season 8!

The Season 8 renewal is not where the good news ends, either! Hold on to your fedora because Red and the rest of your favorite lovelorn characters will be back on Friday, March 20, at 8 p.m. on NBC. The Blacklist will return with a double dose of greatness as its midseason premiere will be comprised of two episodes!

The Season 8 renewal news is exciting and in keeping with the series’ strong performance in the ratings ahead of its midseason hiatus. Plus, The Blacklist’s creator has previously spoken positively on the topic of the show’s longevity after Season 7. May the show live on for a long (emphasis on long) time!

Fans still have a lot of mysteries to solve, including the overarching question of Red’s true identity. Will fans get closer to the answer in Season 8, or will Season 7 have already uncovered the mystery? The Blacklist is said to be marching ever closer to the much-anticipated reveal.

Ever since the bombshell that Red is a Raymond Reddington imposter came to light, it has been one “red” rabbit hole after another! At least viewers of The Blacklist have the Ilya Koslov portion of their journey resolved. For those who might have missed it, Red is not Ilya.

As for Season 8, the fantastic news was announced to The Blacklist’s cast and crew during their 150th episode celebration. You can check out everyone’s reaction via the heartwarming video below. I am a massive fan of the NBC show, and what is so beautiful to see in this clip is how much the cast and crew seem to love it too. Watch it here:

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Have I proclaimed how much I love this Emmy-worthy show? Okay, just checking. When Season 7 resumes, fans can look forward to falling even further in love with the long-running series. The Blacklist will be back with a red-hot (former) romantic flame set to heat up Red’s world.

As for the ongoing mysteries of The Blacklist, I hope to get a little more resolution on the Katarina front. Season 7 left viewers with a lot of earth-shattering updates, and there are probably more of them coming. That is just pure speculation on my part, but this is The Blacklist, after all!

The Blacklist returns during the midseason on Friday, March 20 at 8 p.m. with two episodes on NBC. You can relive the breathtaking moments of The Blacklist’s past seasons on Netflix alongside content arriving in 2020.

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