All The Blacklist Season 7 Relationship Status Updates Ahead Of 2020 Return

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The Blacklist is not just about action, adventure, and the ongoing mystery of Red’s identity. Romantic intrigue has also been bountiful! In fact, Season 7 has already seen some of your favorite characters’ relationship status change. Ahead of the series’ 2020 return, it is probably best to wade into how each character is doing on the romance front.

It has been a tough seven seasons for relationships on The Blacklist. Many have been separated from their true loves due to death and others via a life-changing prognosis. That said, romance is still alive on the NBC drama. On that note, where do Red, Liz, Dembe, and your other favorites’ relationships stand heading into Season 7? Let’s start with Red!

Raymond "Red" Reddington

Red has not had a love interest on The Blacklist in a while, and that may be about to change! Season 7 has cast Nip/Tuck’s Joely Richardson as Cassandra Bianchi for what has been teased as an “intense” 2020 episode. Will Red’s relationship status go from single to “it’s complicated”? Stay tuned! The exciting installment is on the horizon.

Elizabeth "Liz" Keen

Liz has been single ever since the murder of her husband, Tom Keen, in Season 5. It was a horribly sad development that this fan of The Blacklist is still trying to get over! Liz’s life has not left a lot of room for new love. The Blacklist seemed to hint at a possible Liz/Ressler romance last season. Time will tell if their connection flourishes.

Dembe Zuma

I do not think Dembe’s relationship status is exactly known. He seems to be single. Of course, he may just be keeping his private life private. I would love to find out that he has a significant other! The Blacklist previously revealed that Dembe has a daughter (Isabella) and a granddaughter (Ella). Hopefully, The Blacklist gets back to exploring Dembe’s personal life at some point.

Katarina Rostova

She may have loved the real Raymond Reddington, she may not have. As of now, Katarina seems to be single. The development that made her so has been part of what has put her on the warpath with Red. Ilya and her father accidentally blew up her last known husband, Pyotr, in a car bomb meant for her.

Harold Cooper

To the best of my knowledge, Harold Cooper remains happily married to his wife, Charlene. The couple had been through a tough time in an earlier season of The Blacklist but persevered. Cooper has had a lot going on in Season 7 as he has continued to deal with the latest Red drama. Hopefully, his marriage is still going strong!

Donald Ressler

The man with a secret! Ressler had been single for a long time. His girlfriend died in The Blacklist’s first season. Last season, he dabbled in the dating world, and even started a relationship. It did not last long due to Liz’s unintentional interference. The writers have said they are split on whether to explore Liz/Ressler. Time will tell what they end up deciding!

Aram Mojtabai

The Task Force’s computer whiz had his heart broken last season when Samar left The Blacklist amid her illness. Fast forward to Season 7 and Aram is dating again. He has been involved in a rebound relationship of sorts with a married woman he met hunting a Blacklister. I have a lot of questions about the relationship and am hoping Aram can move on soon.

Alina Park

Agent Park is the latest recruit to join the Task Force. It was down a member after Samar’s exit. She has a mysterious past and some sort of secret. I am looking forward to learning more about her in Season 7. So far, she seems single, and there have been some sparks between her and Aram, in my opinion. Stay tuned!

After writing this, one thing is clear. There are a lot of singles who need to mingle on The Blacklist! Will they find love when Season 7 resumes? I hope so! For many of these terrific characters, I think their romantic future may be closer than they realize. Stay tuned!

Find out how everyone’s love lives unfold when The Blacklist returns during the midseason in March on NBC. You can relive the romance of The Blacklist’s past seasons on Netflix alongside content arriving in 2020.

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