Modern Family Has Officially Wrapped With Hugs, Green Day, And Ariel Winter In A Little Black Dress

Modern Family Season 11 finale full cast

The time has come to say goodbye to the cast of ABC’s Modern Family. The long-running sitcom finally wrapped this week with a big party that came complete with hugs, Green Day and Ariel Winter and Sarah Hyland sporting some little black dresses.

As Modern Family wrapped production over the last few days, the cast and crew members also joined together for a little party celebrating the 11-year run of the popular sitcom. Among them was a lengthy, multi-photo post from Sarah Hyland, who shared a touching idea about spending a good chunk of her life as a Dunphy.

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The actress shared some looks with co-stars Ariel Winter and Nolan Gould, who all wore black for the big event. (Although the two ladies looked a lot more glammed up than their little TV brother.) Hugs were shared and more, but beyond the tangible emotion, these photos show how much growing up the three young actors did while on the sitcom.

The Modern Family kids then and now

It’s an idea that Ariel Winter even spoke out about recently, noting it was difficult to grow up on-screen as she and her co-stars went through puberty and stuff like voice and body changes.

It’s not just the kids on Modern Family who have been on our screens for a long time. The cast of the ABC sitcom sported a lot of adults too during its lengthy run and made actors and actresses like Sofia Vergara, Julie Bowen, Eric Stonestreet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Ty Burrell more popular than ever. Sidenote: Ed O’Neill has been famous for forever, but I’ll still mention him as a major force on the series here.

Other actors and actresses from the set also shared photos from the series wrapping, including one where Green Day’s “Good Riddance” played while those involved with the show hugged and cried. Sofia Vergara shared the video and as you can see she’s extremely touched in the moment.

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And finally, Sofia Vergara also shared a look at the cast and crew saying goodbye, which also gives you a pretty cool overhead view of the studio lot and the city outside the lot as well. Modern Family has typically shot interior scenes at the Fox lot in Culver City.

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Perhaps the one that spelled things out the best was Eric Stonestreet’s reaction.  (Should we expect anything else given how the actor has handled the emotional ending of the series over the past few days?) The actor woke up this morning on what would normally be a work day just to have the following realization.

Modern Family is over for the cast, but it’s not quite over for the fans yet. The ABC series is expected to continue running through the first part of April. The cast will be at Paleyfest LA in March and then the series finale is expected to air on April 8, 2020. Then and only then will it truly be the end of an era. But I still get how the cast currently seems to feel and we'll continue to share their thoughts as the series comes to its conclusion. In the meantime, I hope they had the time of their lives.

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