Chicago Med Is Missing One Chicago's Crossover, But One P.D. Star Is On The Way

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The second major One Chicago crossover of the 2019-2020 TV season hits the airwaves on February 26, but Chicago Med will be missing from the television event. Even though the Fire and P.D. crossover evidently won't need the doctors and nurses of Med, an upcoming Med episode will definitely need one of the stars of P.D. A new episode photo reveals one of the Intelligence cops on the scene on Med, and the episode description suggests he may need to be ready for some serious action.

First, check out Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay Halstead in a photo from Chicago Med's March 4 episode:

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Well, whatever happens in the Fire/P.D. two-parter won't leave Jay Halstead benched! He'll be on the job in the March 4 episode of Chicago Med, looking very cold and very ready to fight some crime. The episode, called "Who Should Be The Judge," will involve a convicted murderer escaping, resulting in multiple members of the Med team in danger. That definitely sounds like something that would warrant the involvement of CPD!

Normally, Jay on the scene of a Med crisis might suggest that Will is one of the people in danger, and some major Halstead brother drama would be on the way. According to other episode photos, however, it looks like two other doctors will be the ones in hot water on the cold streets of Chicago.

Take a look at Natalie and Crockett looking less than thrilled in the March 4 episode:

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The good news is that none of the blood on their hands and coats seems to be theirs, with at least one other person injured in the leg. The bad news is that they both look fairly alarmed. And will probably also need to buy new coats.

Based on the setting in the image, I think it's safe to say that Natalie and Crockett are pretty far away from the hospital for at least part of "Who Should Be The Judge." Is this because they were driving around together, saw somebody in need of medical aid, and stopped to provide help, only to wind up in danger themselves?

Or did the convicted murder or one of his cronies kidnap Natalie and Crockett at the hospital, yank them into the big blue van, and force them to render aid at gunpoint? Or something else entirely? Personally, I don't think it's too much of a leap to suspect that they were kidnapped in the van by a guy with a gun, based on this next picture:

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Based on Crockett's expression, I think he's starting realize how much danger and drama come with the day shift at Chicago Med! In all seriousness, both doctors look pretty scared in this picture. They're already covered in blood, so they seemingly already tried to help somebody.

Considering the image of Jay Halstead shows Jay and a fellow cop on the job in the middle of the night, it appears Natalie and Crockett won't get out of their situation shortly after the pictures of them with the blue van. I would also say that Jay looks to me like he's trying to negotiate a hostage situation, based on the way things generally roll on P.D.

Hopefully he can help rescue Natalie and Crockett sooner rather than later, and without falling into a super weird Chicago Med love triangle after that close call a few seasons ago. It's probably safe to say that Manstead 2.0 with Jay instead of Will isn't going to happen, though, since Jay has some sparks flying with Hailey over on P.D. and the last thing Crockett needs is more relationship drama.

See what happens in Chicago Med's "Who Should Be The Judge" when the episode airs Wednesday, March 4 at 8 p.m. ET as the first hour of the One Chicago block. Stick around NBC for a couple hours on March 4 for more Jay Halstead, with Chicago P.D. at 10 p.m. ET.

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