American Horror Story Season 10 Cast Revealed, And Macaulay Culkin Is Joining The Fun

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Today, Ryan Murphy proved that his co-creation American Horror Story is the kind of project that will forever find ways to flip audiences upside-down and inside-out. Usually, it's the theming or specific plot elements that throw fans for a loop, but with the upcoming Season 10 set to hit FX later this year, Murphy did it with the casting. In revealing the full cast on social media, Murphy unveiled the perfect casting choice this franchise didn't know it was missing: Macaulay Culkin.

No other details about American Horror Story Season 10 were shared, but getting the full main cast confirmed is a very awesome update. This year will see several stars returning who were absent from AHS: 1984's camp serial killer chaos, and we can only hope the episode count jumps back up from the nine episodes that comprised the season. Below, we've rounded up all the stars fans can expect to see in Season 10, including that filthy animal Macaulay Culkin, the Home Alone vet himself.

Kathy Bates

The Oscar-winning Kathy Bates has graced the screen in five of the nine previous seasons of American Horror Story, with her standout character arguably being Coven's racially charged killer Madame Dalphine LaLaurie. Bates, who co-starred in the recent feature Richard Jewell, wasn't around for AHS: 1984, but she will return for her sixth appearance in Season 10.

Macaulay Culkin

Interestingly enough, Macaulay Culkin appears to be the only first-time American Horror Story actor in Season 10's main cast. (Probably necessary, since Season 9 brought in a host of new faces.) Always happy to avoid the spotlight, Culkin has popped up quite a bit in recent years, most recently cameoing on Kat Dennings' Hulu comedy Dollface. It's unclear if he'll have anything to do with that Home Alone reimagining, but here's hoping he'll be too busy with American Horror Story every year to make that happen.

Leslie Grossman

The star of Ryan Murphy's breakout TV series Popular, Leslie Grossman joined the American Horror Story stable of actors for Cult, and she followed that up with starring roles in Apocalypse and 1984, so it's no surprise she'll bring her signature attitude, humor and banging hairstyles to Season 10.

Billie Lourd

Considering Billie Lourd's placement within the Star Wars universe (both as Carrie Fisher's daughter and as Lieutenant Connix), one might think she'd be too busy to annually return to take part in Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's anthologized American Horror Story. But then one would be underestimating how much fun Lourd is having within this bonkers universe. Lourd made her debut as Winter Anderson in Cult and kept the streak going in both successive seasons.

Sarah Paulson

American Horror Story's heir apparent to the initial golden child Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson unfortunately wasn't part of the cast for 1984, which was the very first season she didn't appear in. (She was busy filming another Ryan Murphy project, Netflix's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest redo, Ratched.) Thankfully, however, the actress kept her schedule open to allow for a most gracious return to AHS for Season 10.

Evan Peters

Along with Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters was the only American Horror Story cast member to take part in all of the first eight seasons. And also like Paulson, Peters' first season away from the interconnected atrocities happened during 1984. What will his return in Season 10 bring? Hopefully a reprisal of Hotel's kooky owner James Patrick March.

Adina Porter

Just behind Dylan McDermott, Adina Porter boasts one of the longest hiatuses between American Horror Story seasons, having gone four full years without popping by. First showing up for a smaller role in Murder House, Porter didn't again appear until landing a larger role in the found-footage madness of Roanoke, and she returned the following two years before missing out on Season 9.

Lily Rabe

One of the best weapons in Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story arsenal is Lily Rabe, who has appeared in or starred in every season except for Cult. Arguably most beloved as witchy woman Misty Day, Rabe has delivered some memorable moments with rather minimal roles, but her appearance in the main cast list means fans can get optimistic about her taking on something larger for Season 10. Stevie Nicks is still welcome to stop by, too.

Angelica Ross

Unlike everyone else on in this cast, Angelica Ross is the only American Horror Story Season 10 cast member who is returning for only the second time. The wickedly talented transgender actress first made waves on Ryan Murphy's Pose before diving headfirst into the rollicking twists and turns of 1984. It was obviously a fantastic fit, since she'll be returning in a big way for Season 10.

Finn Wittrock

While not one of the most prolific American Horror Story actors, Finn Wittrock has also teamed up with Ryan Murphy on the TV movie The Normal Heart, The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story and in the upcoming Ratched. Having first appeared in ridiculously stunning fashion as Dandy Mott in Freak Show, Wittrock went on to appear in three further seasons of American Horror Story, having popped up in limited fashion in 1984.

There are obviously a large number of American Horror Story familiars that aren't on this list, such as Denis O'Hare, Emma Roberts and Angela Bassett, as well as fan-favorites like Cody Fern and Matt Bomer. It's also interesting that Ross is the only one of 1984's new recruits to land a starring role in Season 10. That said, we can definitely expect to see a slew of recurring cast members and guest stars – such as Frances Conroy, no doubt – that will pepper more familiarity throughout.

You can watch the pair of video announcements below, which are set to the tune of Orville Peck's gloomy track "Dead of Night," which has a very Twin Peaks vibe to it.

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With no release date set just yet, fans will likely see American Horror Story Season 10 hitting FX at some point in September.

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