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Bachelorette Vet Tyler Cameron's Mother Has Died Following His Cancelled TV Appearance

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Just a few days after former The Bachelorette contestant Tyler Cameron had to cancel an appearance on Good Morning America due to a family emergency, news has spread that his mother, Andrea Cameron, has passed away suddenly.

Andrea Cameron's age and cause of death haven't been confirmed at this time, but friends have begun posting about her passing on social media and paying tribute to the time they were able to spend with Cameron before her passing:

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Tyler Cameron was due to appear on GMA last Friday morning in honor of National Workout Buddy Day, where he was scheduled to participate in a group run along with fans. Just a few hours after the news of his appearance on GMA was sent out on the show's official Twitter page, though, Cameron took to his own feed, letting fans know that he had to cancel his time in the group run because of a family emergency, adding, "Please pray for my mom and my family."

While fans quickly responded to his post with well wishes and prayers, it didn't become clear that Andrea Cameron was the one facing a health crisis until Tyler Cameron's brothers, Ryan and Austin, both posted to their Instagram stories about the elder Cameron being ill. The next day, a source told Us Weekly that Tyler Cameron was "devastated, naturally," by the sudden turn in his mother's health because "they are very close."

Tyler Cameron appeared on Hannah Brown's 2019 season of The Bachelorette (making it to her final three choices) and opened up to her about how hard it was to watch his father go through a health crisis, which was ongoing at the time Tyler had been offered a spot on the show. He only decided to go ahead and join the cast at his father's urging, and had stepped up to run his father's business as he recovered. When Hannah showed doubts about Tyler's readiness to become engaged, his brother noted how he "became everyone’s person to lean on" while their dad was sick.

While Hannah didn't end up choosing Tyler, even after talking with his supportive, enthusiastic family, her eventual engagement to Jed Wyatt had to be called off when she realized he actually had a girlfriend the entire time he was on the show, and had been having additional inappropriate relationships with other women after they became engaged. She then went on to shock everyone by asking Tyler on a date in front of a live audience during their appearance on the After the Final Rose finale.

Tyler and Hannah did spend some time together after that, but it was not meant to be. And, even though many fans wanted him to become The Bachelor next, that wasn't in the cards, either, as Tyler began dating model Gigi Hadid shortly afterward, with the two ending their romance a few months later.

Andrea Cameron was clearly very open to her son's time looking for love on The Bachelorette, and from Tyler's many posts about his family, it's obvious that she will be missed. Our thoughts are with Tyler Cameron and his family at this difficult time.

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