Chip And Joanna Gaines’ Kid Acting Like A Baby Boss At Work Is The Cutest Thing

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Chip and Joanna Gaines have kept a somewhat lower profile since Fixer Upper ended its popular run on HGTV. But they are definitely still hard at work with their Magnolia Homes brand and the upcoming “new media company” Magnolia Television Network they plan to launch later this year. Sometimes this hardy work means getting their kids involved, even Crew Gaines, the littlest member of their team.

While Chip and Joanna are busy getting their new company together, their littlest one Crew Gaines, who was born in 2018, is already getting big and wanting to help mom and dad around the office. You can see him getting his fax on in the image below.

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Yup, it’s pretty cute. In the past, Chip and Joanna Gaines have always been happy to show peeks into their personal lives, including moments where the kids are helping with farm animals or recently when their oldest kid went to pick up his driver’s permit. In that post, she reflected on the age gaps between her oldest and her youngest.

She spoke out about the changes her kids have gone through as they've aged, as well as teaching them how to grow into unique and upstanding individuals, noting,

Drake waited in line for an hour and finally got called up to get his drivers permit and then my 15 year old little boy drove home with Chip and all of a sudden he is all grown up. It's crazy because this morning I spent most of my time teaching Crew how to go up and down the stairs because he is still so wobbly (his weight is not distributed evenly quite yet). He used to reach for my hand when climbing the stairs so I could help him and now he insists on doing it himself. The gap between these two circumstances with my boys is wide but the feeling on both is somehow the same. So many hard and beautiful moments of beginnings and ends. Parenthood is all about training these babies up to eventually let them go.

The kids are often on the two reality stars' minds as they move forward, even as they inch ever closer to the anticipated October of 2020 launch date for their new network. We previously learned the couple will be teaming up with Discovery for the new venture and that the new network will feature the couple starring in their own show once more. The news was a big surprise when it was first announced and subsequently HGTV's head honcho admitted he was even in a state of shock when the couple made the announcement.

One of the original programs on Magnolia Television network will actually revolve around parenthood, with the couple announcing Home on the Road will follow a family who tours as musicians with their kids in tow. So, the family-centric aspect of the Gaines family will bleed into the new network as well.

The new slate of programming is also expected to feature shows related to renovating and design, Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines’ special, but also things like community projects, gardening and even cooking. From the looks of things, it seems as if maybe even little Crew Gaines is bringing ideas to the table. What a boss baby.

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