Empire Spoilers: Is Andre The Final Season Villain After Game-Changing Reveal?

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Spoilers ahead for Episode 12 of Empire's final season, called "Talk Less."

The final season of Empire continues to build to two events that fans know are coming: Lucious getting shot in the mansion and Cookie's car exploding, possibly with Cookie inside. Their deaths haven't 100% been confirmed, but it's hard to imagine Cookie surviving if she really was in the car, and Lucious can only escape death so many times, right? The big question has really been what happens in the lead-up to their possible demises, and "Talk Less" may have revealed that Andre is the one to kill (or try to kill) his parents.

In "Talk Less," Andre was smiling more and seemingly not haunted by hallucination Kingsley, even if he was somewhat out-of-character as he hooked up with Teri while his parents were just downstairs and gave Teri's son cocaine to try and get a girl. The reveal came at the end of the episode, when Andre realized that Kingsley had been around all along and simply taking over Andre. Kingsley had been the one to hook up with Teri and give her son drugs, and Andre in a moment of lucidity was appalled.

Kingsley finally explained what he was doing, and it could easily be what leads to Andre killing/trying to kill his parents by the end of Empire:

It's a simple concept that all Lyons understand. Revenge.... See? You don't even think about her. You pretend like she never existed...My mother. The woman you and your family killed.

Since it was the united efforts of Lucious, Cookie, and Andre that ended in Tracy's death, not to mention everything that went down before she snapped and pulled that gun, I can understand Andre taking hallucination Kingsley's quest for revenge out on his parents. Kingsley has always struck me as the manifestation of Andre's guilty conscience over the heart transplant, so Andre at least trying to commit murder to avenge Tracy based on his troubled logic makes sense to me.

It probably doesn't help that Lucious went out of his way to spite Andre when he was promoting Yana, and then Cookie swooped in to work with both Lucious and Yana independently of Empire. Andre and the Kingsley part of his brain have reasons to not be thrilled with Lucious, and Cookie to a certain extent. So, what comes next? Check out the description for the next episode, called "Come Undone," airing next week:

Cookie continues to keep her secret from her sisters, but Lucious feels she needs to come clean in order to move forward. When Treasure is unable to perform at the upcoming showcase, Becky suggests that Yana take the spot, but Lucious feels she’s not ready. Meanwhile, Giselle struggles with keeping her family secret from Julian, Maya sets her sights on her own recording deal and Andre’s actions put Quincy in a very bad situation.

See what happens in "Come Undone" when it airs on Tuesday, March 17 at 9 p.m. ET on Fox. A limited number of Empire episodes are left before the final credits roll, so be sure to tune in! For some shows that won't be ending in the 2019-2020 TV season, check out our midseason 2020 premiere schedule.

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