Bachelor Spoilers: Why Was Kelley At Finale? Peter's Mom Barb Seems To Wish Those Rumors Were True

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SPOILERS ahead from Bachelor Peter Weber's The Bachelor 2020 finale.

Why was it "important" for attorney Kelley Flanagan to be at Peter Weber's The Bachelor 2020 finale? When Chris Harrison introduced her in the audience that way, some fans' radars went up. There was already a rumor that Kelley was pregnant with Peter Weber's baby and that's why she wasn't at the "Women Tell All" special. The rumor suggested the big twist ending was that Peter went back to Kelley -- the woman he met in that hotel before The Bachelor Season 24 filming even started, then dumped before hometown dates -- and they were together in the end.

Turns out, Bachelor Peter did not end up with Kelley. (Not yet anyway, see more rumors below). However, it looks like Peter's mom Barb -- who pretty much owned the "After the Final Rose" episode -- is a huge fan of Kelley and even wrote that she was her favorite.

Kelley Flanagan posted two photos on Instagram after The Bachelor 2020 finale aired on Tuesday, March 10. Peter Weber's mom Barb posts as "sweetnums" and she wrote this gushing comment on Kelley's first post:

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Barb's Kelley love continued on Kelley's second post. Here's what she wrote in the comments, along with a heart emoji:

We need to do lunch and go shopping for the day.

On that same post, one fan asked the obvious question, in caps lock to emphasize its importance. Kelley responded with her truth:

Fan: WHY WAS IT IMPORTANT THAT YOU WERE THERE KELLEYKelley: lol I wish I knew [shrug emoji]

Other fans noted it was "probably for the same importance that Neil Lane was 'in the house'" -- potentially as a false trail for fans to think maybe Bachelor Peter Weber was going to do a live proposal. That was one potential spoiler that came out last week, that Peter might propose to Madison Prewett live on the ATFR special. Instead, we watched the pre-taped proposal of Peter getting engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss in Australia, only to dump her -- or she dumped him, I suppose -- and then Chris Harrison played matchmaker to get Peter and Madison back together.

Yep, Jason + Arie all over again. The finale ended with Madison and Bachelor Peter facing the wrath of Barb but appearing to at least give their relationship a chance, one day at a time.

Another fan in Kelley's comments shared another potential reason for Chris Harrison saying it was "important" for Kelley to be The Bachelor 2020 finale, after she wasn't even asked to be part of The Bachelor's "Women Tell All":

Because Chris had said on Almost Famous Podcast that Kelly was not an important piece of the story line..... And I guess this was his way to retract what he said so he introduced Kelly as being important. Which I always believed you were important @kelleyflanagan.

After The Bachelor 2020 finale, Reality Steve updated on rumors he'd heard all season and noted that -- while he bashed the Kelley talk during the season -- maybe we can't really discount some of the rumors about Peter and Kelley:

Peters Family Follows Kelley on IG – well, yeah, they do. And the only one. And Kelley was there last night at the show, introduced in the beginning, then never mentioned again. Lets just say ever since Super Bowl weekend (just days after he ended his engagement to Hannah Ann), there have been rumors swirling Peter spent the weekend with Kelley and they slept together. I don’t know if we can rule those out anymore. I mean, she’s definitely not pregnant like some assumed, but, where there’s smoke there is certainly some fire.

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Many Bachelor fans are hoping to see Kelley Flanagan again, perhaps on Bachelor in Paradise. (I feel like Hannah Ann has to be a lock for Paradise, especially since 1) she's not the Bachelorette and 2) her friend Hannah Godwin got engaged on Bachelor in Paradise last year.)

Back to Barb, though. Barb has made it clear she loves just about everyone EXCEPT Madison. She cried with love for Hannah Ann, was shown gushing over new Bachelorette Clare Crawley at the end of the "After the Final Rose" and just called Kelley her favorite. She's going out of her way to love every woman except the one her son loves. It's awkward.

Clare's The Bachelorette 2020 continues this crazy train starting Monday, May 18 on ABC. First, we have that "Listen To Your Heart" spinoff and we have spoilers on how it ends if you want 'em.

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