Updated Bachelor Spoilers Change Peter Weber's Ending With Madison And Hannah Ann

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SPOILERS ahead from The Bachelor 2020, aka Bachelor Peter Weber's Season 24.

Just when I thought I was out of The Bachelor 2020 spoilers mystery ... they pull me back in! It sounds like we're going to get still another spoilers update on how Bachelor Peter Weber's season ends on Monday's March 9, 2020 season finale day itself. (Update: It still sounds like Peter might be with Madison, but it's shaky. Also, Peter did propose to Hannah Ann in the finale?! Sheesh.)

On March 5, spoiler guru Reality Steve finally updated with how Bachelor Peter Weber's season ended with Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss. Or so we all thought, including Steve. Shortly after posting confirmation on the finale -- for the first time since the season finale was taped back in mid-November 2019 in Australia -- Steve tweeted that he'd heard conflicting information from other sources contradicting what he had just told readers.

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So no Victoria F. or Kelley pregnancy or any other wild rumor. It's still down to Bachelor Peter, Madison, and Hannah Ann. Shortly after that, Reality Steve shared a little Bachelorette Clare Crawley spoiler nugget along with a tease of what fans REALLY want to know at this point:

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So Monday. That's the first day of The Bachelor Season 24's two-night March 9-10, 2020 season finale. I wonder how much Reality Steve's spoilers will change at that point. If different sources are saying different things, the ending won't really be clear until the show airs that night and Tuesday for the live "After the Final Rose" special.

Part of why Chris Harrison said even Bachelor Peter Weber doesn't know his season ends was reportedly because Peter was thinking of proposing to Madison on the live "After the Final Rose" special. That's one of the things Reality Steve noted in his March 5 post. His source for that report said Madison quit the show just before the final rose ceremony -- something Steve had said before.

Bachelor Peter reportedly cancels the final rose ceremony (which would make two Bachelor finales in a row with no final rose ceremony) but doesn't dump Hannah Ann. He says some version of not wanting to pick Hannah Ann just because Madison quit, so he wanted to talk to Madison before making a final decision. Madison was already back in the U.S. at that point, so everyone went home and Peter slowly won back Madison and her family. Then he dumped Hannah Ann, and she's reportedly the one he's apologizing to in that promo clip where he tells someone from the bottom of his heart he's sorry, he never envisioned this.

According to that report, Bachelor Peter and Madison are currently dating but not engaged. That's what Reality Steve has been saying for a while now, he just confirmed it with details on Thursday, and then heard from whoever else about it not being quite right. So someone out there is either mistaken or putting out false leads to keep this ending a secret. It's very cloak and dagger and, frankly, much more interesting than The Bachelor season we've seen on ABC so far this year.

So now we wait until Monday, not just for the latest spoilers updates but also to see how ABC will present the first night of the two-night Bachelor 2020 finale. We'll certainly see the whole "Bring Her Home" speech from Peter's mom Barbara and Chris Harrison's update at the final rose ceremony. Then Peter will do whatever he does to not have a "normal ending," which is what we've been told for months now. No engagement. Not then, anyway.

Will Peter propose on Tuesday's live "After the Final Rose" episode -- which will also include some pre-taped footage, including whatever Madison was filming in Alabama with Bachelor producers not too long ago, plus that scene where Peter apologizes to one of the women in one of The Bachelor's "safe houses" in L.A.?

This mess had better have a strong ending or I will feel duped on every front. I do think Peter and Madison are together, and not just because Justin Bieber recently saw Peter at his own church -- and faith has been tied to Madison's story for the past few weeks.

Whatever happens, Bachelorette Clare Crawley will reportedly start filming her season on Friday, March 13, but she may first meet a few of her bachelors on the live ATFR episode, since that has become tradition. But we'll see. They are still apparently changing the casting of her guys at the last minute.

The Bachelor Season 24's final two episodes air Monday, March 9 and Tuesday, March 10 from 8 to 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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