Bachelorette Spoilers: Do Clare Crawley And Her Bachelor Ex Still Have Beef With Each Other?

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for Clare Crawley's (potential) 2020 season of The Bachelorette, a.k.a Season 16!

It's been a rough-ish week, right Bachelor Nation? Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor wrapped up with one of the most dramatic finales ever, which led to him and Madison Prewett breaking up just two days later, and then we found out that Clare Crawley's season of The Bachelorette was postponed to try to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Now it looks like Clare and her Bachelor ex-boyfriend, Juan Pablo Galavis, might still have some bad blood between them.

While it would have been easy enough for the two to continue to stay out of contact with each other after Clare had to tell Juan Pablo off at the end of his very dramatic season of The Bachelor, it seems like he just couldn't resist poking at Clare over something that quite a few fans have had an issue with as her season began to gear up. JP did what most people do when they want to get a public rise out of folks and took his message to Twitter. Take a look:

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Siiiiiigh...Insert fart noise and aggressive eye-rolling here. But! If you think Clare was going to stand for this, albeit mild, shade from JP, think again. She took him to task pretty quickly after he responded to a fan who called him "jealous" and "petty" in his response:

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Alright, I can see some people taking Juan Pablo's side (but probably not many of them) and saying he wasn't being shady, but simply reacting the way many of us did when we first heard about how many of Clare's Coterie would be dudes in their 20s. I think there are three important factors to dispute that notion, though, meaning that he totally deserved Clare's strong comeback. First of all, it's hard not to notice JP's selective use of ALL CAPS in both of his tweets, which seem to indicate that Clare, specifically, isn't suited to date younger men.

Secondly, that winky face emoji after he claims to just find all the young men who were chosen for Clare's season "fascinating" looks to be the very definition of shady. And, last but not least, if he was just intrigued by this development, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have bothered to @Clare to make damn sure she would see his tweet. This messy man was trying to start some shit, all right? Chris Harrison had her back, though:

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In case you're still in the dark on Clare's (still upcoming, I hope) time as The Bachelorette, you might be wondering what the big deal is about most of her guys being so young. Well, provided the season still films this year, Clare will be 39-years-old and the most senior of the Bachelorettes who've ever led the show. Much of Bachelor Nation had been calling for the franchise to shift away from men and women in their 20s, because of how immature and totally not ready for marriage most of them have seemed in the past several seasons, so there was great hope Clare's time would remedy some of that.

Then, the full list of Clare's Coterie came out, and, lo and behold, most of the men were way younger than Clare, with only three men in their mid-30s through early 40s. As I said last week, I have no problem with an up to 10 year age spread on either side of Clare's 39 years, but having most of the men be way younger (Including one 23-year-old!) made it seem like the producers were setting her up to fail.

Clare still hasn't said that this was actually the way she wanted things to shake out for her gentleman choices on The Bachelorette, but she at least seems to have hope that all of them will be able to provide her with some solid dating / marriage options once her season gets underway.

Of course, Clare's season getting underway is exactly the issue, because as of last Friday, when they were supposed to being filming, the production actually decided to delay things for at least two weeks, to aid the efforts of many productions (and the nation in general) in stopping the spread of the coronavirus. So, right now we don't know if Clare Crawley will get her Bachelorette season soon, later this year or not at all. Here's what Chris Harrison had to say about the production shutdown on Instagram:

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We might have a while to wait to see if Clare can begin her journey on The Bachelorette, but, in the meantime, we can look forward to The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart, the new musical franchise show which will begin airing on April 13, and has already filmed its dramatic finale. Be sure to stay tuned to CinemaBlend for all your Bachelor Nation spoilers and news in the meantime!

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