Uh Oh, NCIS Is Putting Some Characters In Danger As Hostages In New Images

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NCIS may have shut down production prematurely on Season 17, but there are some episodes that still haven't aired yet, and one of them is going to put Kasie and Jimmy in some very real danger. In "Blarney," airing on March 31, the colleagues will wind up in a sticky situation seemingly unconnected to their work at NCIS.

"Blarney" will see Kasie and Jimmy held hostage in a diner after a jewelry story robbery goes wrong, and they'll have to try and keep the other customers safe. Although there are still a couple of weeks before "Blarney" hits the airwaves, CBS has released images from the episode, and they reveal some of Kasie and Jimmy's journey.

Let's start with what has to be the beginning and try to track what happens throughout the episode on March 31.

Jimmy and Kasie apparently can't even go out for breakfast without winding up in danger! To add insult to injury, their plates suggest that the bad guys start making trouble before they even have the chance to dig into their breakfasts. They won't have any pancakes to fuel their heroic efforts in the diner! Season 17 has been a doozy for them.

In all seriousness, it's probably safe to say that the men sitting behind Jimmy are the jewelry thieves. Based on all the shamrocks, Kasie's green bandana, and the title of the episode, I think it's also safe to say that "Blarney" is set on or around St. Patrick's Day. They really could have used some luck!

The situation will clearly escalate, as this next image shows both Kasie and Jimmy on the floor while the armed bad guys stand over them. Kasie looks pretty alarmed, but the good news is that it doesn't look like the thieves forced them down on their knees to execute them. They're probably down there for another reason.

That other reason presents itself in the next photo, and it doesn't look good for Kasie and Jimmy. Take a look!

Somebody is either grievously injured and Jimmy and Kasie are the most qualified people there to try and provide care or somebody is very dead and they're working the body. I'm inclined to think this is an injured person and Jimmy is attempting a procedure with some inadequate tools.

Kasie looks like more of an observer than a participant, and I'm wondering if they revealed who they are and the agency they work for to the thieves, or if they just volunteered their services to care for somebody who needs help. Another picture suggests that whatever happens, the bad guys will see Kasie as a valuable hostage:

This final image looks like one of the jewelry thieves is venturing outside, potentially to reach some kind of getaway vehicle. Admittedly, I'm basing that on pretty much every other TV hostage situation I've seen over the years, so it could be something totally different. Still, Kasie seems to be the man's insurance policy, as he has his gun pressed up against her back.

Did he choose her as his hostage because he knows she's NCIS and law enforcement is especially unlikely to risk her life, or just because she's one of the multiple hostages? Find out when NCIS airs "Blarney" on Tuesday, March 31 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. A lot of regularly scheduled programming will likely be interrupted in the coming weeks due to the coronavirus halting production, so check out our 2020 Netflix premiere schedule for some streaming options.

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