Apparently, One Network Show Is Absolutely Crushing On Netflix

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One network show is proving why Netflix is so crucial for TV series. Case in point, the meteoric rise of a CW series that is currently in its second season. Netflix has given the sophomore drama a chance to find an audience, and it has grabbed quite a bit of one. What show is blowing up on Netflix? The high school football drama All American is currently listed as Netflix’s number one show in the United States.

How do we know this info? It is part of Netflix’s still relatively new feature that reveals the most popular shows of the day. Yet another step forward in terms of transparency for Netflix, and a considerable change which showcases the victory of All American.

For reference, All American is a drama that follows a talented high school football player, Spencer James (Daniel Ezra), as he goes from playing at a South LA school to Beverly Hills High. Taye Diggs co-stars in the series. The show is “inspired” by the life of retired NFL linebacker, Spencer Paysinger. Now that you know what All American is about let’s dig into its Netflix success!

It's time to put The CW series’ accomplishment in perspective, because it is pretty notable for multiple reasons. All American beat out the reality romance sensation, Love Is Blind, and Mark Wahlberg’s new (sequel-ready) movie, Spenser Confidential. What makes All American’s feat all the more impressive is where it stands in the network ratings department.

During the 2018-2019 TV season, All American was one of the least-viewed scripted TV shows. It debuted to 1.06 million viewers at the time, and that audience has not grown tremendously during its network run. It's March 2 episode drew in 1.15 million, per Programming Insider, and that is counting Live+7 numbers.

Cut to All American’s run on Netflix, and it is a massive touchdown for the series. The first two seasons of the drama are currently streaming, and with 16 episodes per season, that is enough to keep you busy binging for a while. If you are wondering if there will be more All American to look forward to, the answer is “yes.”

All American was renewed for a third season back in January, per Deadline. So, when you are done watching the available episodes of the show, take heart. You can re-watch them and wait for the third season to arrive on The CW. The show’s success on Netflix should make it shine all the brighter.

All American may not have found a massive audience on The CW, but to be fair, it is not the most-watched network on television. Netflix is a vast platform that makes discovering a series wonderfully accessible. All American’s success points to the fact that sometimes a destined-to-be-popular show is closer than many may think.

You can currently stream All American on Netflix, which is there among new 2020 content. New episodes of All American air Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. For more television options, check out this winter and spring’s premieres.

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