Netflix’s Love Is Blind Is So Popular We’re Already Getting More

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Oh, Love Is Blind, what hath thou wrought? The Netflix reality dating show has people going crazy for the singles who signed up to date each other, sight unseen, before proposing marriage and then tying the knot, all after only a few days spent together in the real world. If Netflix's new feature is to be believed the drama-filled show has been leading their Top 10 for most of this week, so it's clear that fans can't quite get enough. In honor of Love Is Blind's hit status, Netflix is going to give us a little bit more of the show in the form of a reunion special.

The final episode of Love Is Blind (which was a three week special event series) hit the streamer with two hours of tears, laughs, confusion and deep conversations just yesterday, but Netflix knows when it has a hit on its hands, and have already put together a reunion special for fans, which was announced on Twitter and will debut on March 5. The reunion will be hosted by Vanessa and Nick Lachey, who, as viewers will know, helped lead this batch of sexy singles through the intriguing process that led to their potential happily ever afters.

The good people at Netflix are clearly no dummies. Love Is Blind is precisely the kind of show that lends itself quite well to the concept of a reunion special. Here's how the whole process went down. A large group of single women and men left their regular lives behind to head to an undisclosed location where they would live and date for several days. With the men living on one side and the women living on the other, they would meet in the middle in special pods to go on dates and try to build connections with one another.

While in these pods all of the men and women can do as much talking and sharing of intimate thoughts with each other as they wanted to, but they couldn't see or touch the other person. So, any romances built were formed solely on the basis of each other's personalities. At the end of about 10 days, there were six couples who had become engaged, so they were allowed to finally see their intended and spend time at a fancy resort in Mexico, to see if those emotional connections could become physical, as well.

From there, the couples live together for the first time, meet their friends and families and finally get their phones and other devices back, to see if their romance can survive the distractions, complications and other realities of the real world. Then, they have about a month to decide if they still want to get married on the show.

As you might imagine, this little social experiment didn't work out well for everyone, with even the couples who do get hitched still having their fair share of issues to overcome, after meeting, getting engaged and married in such a short amount of time. There is a lot of drama to be had at each step for the couples of Love Is Blind, and anyone who watches is going to want to know what was going on in their heads while it went down.

Take us to the reunion special, stat! I have so many questions for Jessica, who likes to let her dog have wine out of her glass and then drink right after the pooch. We've been promised that the reunion will answer "all your burning questions," so that's got to be discussed, right?

The entire first season of Love Is Blind is on Netflix right now, and the reunion will drop on March 5, so you have a few days (including a weekend) in which to catch up. For more of what's on TV right now, check out our 2020 premiere guide and Netflix schedule!

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