Why Too Hot To Handle's Francesca Has No Regrets About Anything That Went Down

too hot to handle netflix francesca has no regrets

Too Hot to Handle, Netflix’s dating reality game show, made it apparent that Francesca Farego was the one contestant keeping things consistently interesting. Between breaking a ton of rules, losing the house thousands of dollars, and not caring whether she made it through with any friends intact, Francesca was the one to watch. Now that the show has been released and binged by viewers, Francesca revealed her explanation for exactly why she has no regrets about anything that went down.

Francesca played a fun game, there’s no doubt about that. She and Harry immediately forged a bond, but that didn’t mean that they stayed the same course together throughout the show. Regardless of what happened in the end, Francesca had reasons for why she played the game the way she did, even though it ended up being controversial in several ways. She was mostly “there to have fun” and if it meant shaking things up on Too Hot to Handle, then Francesca was perfectly okay with that. Looking back, she explained why she wouldn’t change anything about her time on the series, telling TVLine:

Once the rules were introduced, and after the initial shock wore off, I basically thought, ‘I didn’t come here expecting to win any money, and we don’t even know how this money’s going to be split.’ So if I felt like kissing someone, I was going to kiss someone. I didn’t care how much money I lost, which is probably why I ended up losing the most out of everyone in the house. But that was my mindset, to have fun and entertain myself as much as I could. As much as I made everyone mad, I don’t regret anything that I did.

Francesca didn’t simply entertain herself, she entertained Netflix viewers as well. Luckily, she and Harry later had the chance to win back a chunk of their lost money in the end, so it all worked out...ish.

Before the endgame arrived, though, Francesca at one point accepted Kori’s invitation for a date, and at another kissed Haley after getting mad at Harry for lying about who instigated their rule-breaking kiss. Did Francesca perhaps have any regrets about kissing Haley to get back at Harry, at least? Nope, not at all. Here’s how she explained it:

I definitely feel like that was necessary. It was easy for her and I to make that decision because we weren’t really forming strong friendships with anyone else in the house at that moment. We felt like no one was really taking the time to get to know us, and we really wanted to stir the pot. Plus, Haley’s beautiful, so it was fun to kiss her. It was a win-win for me.

She and Haley were caught, of course, but that didn’t seem to bother Francesca all that much. She’s clearly a woman with no Reality TV guilt filter, choosing to play Too Hot to Handle by her own set of rules. If that ruffled a few feathers, then so be it. Either way, it sounds like Francesca’s not losing any sleep over any of her actions, unless she's dreaming about that smaller-than-expected payoff in the finale.

Too Hot to Handle is currently available to stream on Netflix. For more on what to watch in the coming weeks, be sure to check out our list of all the big TV finales airing this spring and summer.

Mae Abdulbaki