Netflix's Love Is Blind Stars Have Key Advice For Too Hot To Handle Cast

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For many people, getting the opportunity to appear on a reality show is a dream come true. Whether they sign up to look for love or try to win a big prize with their talent, or just so they can get some exposure and enjoy a bit of fame, they're always looking to enjoy whatever comes from their time on TV. Unfortunately, the same people who were once so hopeful about the experience can get burned by it. A wild new reality dating show, Too Hot To Handle, has just debuted on Netflix, and some Love Is Blind vets have offered advice on handling life after reality stardom.

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton, one of the few couples we followed on Love Is Blind who actually manged to make it down the aisle and finalize their I-dos, have been speaking about their time on the inaugural season of the dating show, and, as you might imagine, they have some advice for the newbies who headed to Too Hot To Handle about life post-reality show. Here's what Hamilton told Entertainment Tonight about dealing with the, frequently negative, attention that can follow:

It's easy to internalize what other people say. You might read 99 positive comments from people, and one negative one, but that's the only one that you can remember. It's important to just keep in mind who you are. And to trust your intuition.

Preach the word, Cameron Hamilton! Even if you lead a regular life without all of the very public scrutiny that goes with starring on a reality show, you'll likely understand what Hamilton is talking about. Whether it's about an Instagram post you did, a progress review at work or critique from a teacher, no matter how many positive comments there are, the negative ones will always stand out more.

Hamilton's suggestion to combat the urge to obsess over such negativity is to always try remembering who you are and go with your gut when you need to make decisions. Sure, you might want to get into a flame war with someone who said mean, unhelpful things about you, but what's that really going to change?

Of course, there's a great possibility that at least a few of the stars of Too Hot To Handle will come away from the show with a brand new boyfriend or girlfriend, and fame will certainly add some additional strain to a fresh relationship, but, never fear! Lauren Speed has a bit of advice so that they can make the transition from new couple to famous new couple somewhat easier.

Always keep the communication open with your partner and just be supportive. Take time to really feed into each other, because sometimes when you get thrusted into the public eye, it's so easy to get lost in the internet and all this stuff. I think it's really important to be on the same page as your partner and take that time.

That's solid assistance from Lauren and Cameron, right? No wonder these two fell for each other so quickly and have managed to make their relationship work! Hopefully, the hotties from Too Hot To Handle will listen and take solace in the knowledge that it's possible to get through reality show fame without losing control of your life.

Too Hot To Handle hit Netflix today, and you can still watch Season 1 of Love is Blind to review how Lauren and Cameron got together. For more on what to watch, head to our Netflix premiere schedule, see what finales are coming up soon, and check out what will be new to TV this summer!

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