Too Hot To Handle Viewers Did Not Enjoy The Netflix Competition's Ending

To Hot To Handle Season 1

Spoilers for Netflix’s new competition series Too Hot To Handle are all over this article. So if you haven’t watched the whole thing yet, don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Like all good reality TV shows, Too Hot To Handle has a unique premise and a cash prize. It’s nabbed a bunch of eyeballs on Netflix this weekend and is at the time of this writing the #2 show on the subscription streaming service. Yet, people are pretty mad a the Netflix series thanks to Too Hot To Handle's ending.

Again, I can’t iterate this enough, I’m about to spoil ya. The show started with a group of hookup-loving contestants—all individuals who look great in swimwear --who were told they can’t touch one another, otherwise the series’ cash prize of $100,000 would start whittling down, with kissing cost $3,000 and the hookups getting more expensive from there. If you haven’t watched yet, this is the basic premise:

What Was Too Hot To Handle's Season 1 Ending?

By the end of the series, 10 contestants were still around. At first, the show’s “assistant” Lana had some of them standing and some of them sitting, making it seem like certain contestants might take them money home. Then, she told them all they’d get to split the remainder of the prize money thanks to “embracing the process” and managing to keep $75,000 in the fund.

The ending was confusing and even sort of weird once Too Hot To Handle tried to connect it to personal growth, saying the contestants had “learned lessons in maturity” and other just odd stuff. The contestants obviously celebrated the win, but this ending left some viewers wondering what the heck the point was:

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Others were a bit more upset about the time they’d spent binge-watching. One person who seems to be a U.K. viewer complained in general about American reality TV before calling Too Hot To Handle’s ending “the wankiest thing ever.

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To that dude I say, yeah, but have you ever seen an episode of The Bachelor? How about The Amazing Race? I’m just saying, you can’t judge all American reality by what Netflix has produced in its reality infancy.

That said, a lot of people are super annoyed about how Too Hot To Handle ended, which really makes sense. One Twitter user called the whole thing an “anti-climax,” which may be the most apt way I’ve seen it described.

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Others felt pretty good while watching Too Hot To Handle, but then it all came crashing down and that ending is 100% to blame.

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The good news for Too Hot To Handle is that most Netflix users who have dived in really seem to be enjoying the content, just not the way it wrapped.

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With that in mind, it’s worth noting that if there’s ever another similar premise or second season attempted, tweaks could be made to make the overall experience a little bit better, particularly given the ending. Netflix hasn't revealed whether or not Too Hot To Handle will get a Season 2 and even if it does, it will be interesting to see how Netflix markets casting for the show. You need a group of people who are really ready to hook-up, but if they knew. for example, there would be money involved if they hooked up before they signed up, I wonder if that would change their mindset at all.

Anyway, we'll have to wait and see if Season 2 happens at all. For now, you can see what's coming with our full streaming schedule.

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