It’s Great Pauley Perrette’s New CBS Show Actually Hit Homes During Isolation, Says Her Co-star

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Welcome to the new normal, everyone! Life has been tough for several reasons for over a month now, and there are some questions that many people have been asking themselves during this sad, weird time. Do weekends even mean anything anymore? What will I be willing to use as toilet paper when I finish my last roll? If I don't bake bread, will I be left out of all the important conversations happening right now? But, possibly the most important question has been what to do so that we all keep our spirits up, and Pauley Perrette's Broke co-star, Jaime Camil thinks their new show can help with that.

Some people like to lean in to things that are upsetting when times get rough. But, for every person who's spent the past several weeks watching disaster movies of various stripes, there's someone who just wants to escape harsh realities as much as possible and find a way to laugh through these hard times. Actor Jaime Camil (Jane the Virgin), who co-stars on the new CBS sitcom Broke with former NCIS mainstay Pauley Perrette, believes it's a good thing that their show hit the air when it did. Here's what he told Access Hollywood:

Right now, people are going through a very difficult and rough time, financially and emotionally and personally. So, I think that if we can bring a little joy and put a smile on people’s faces and for this 30 minutes, we will take it.

Here, here, Jaime Camil! He's not wrong, OK? I think even the people who've been binging the news or, oh, I don't know, zombie / apocalypse movies, will understand that a lot of us simply are not in the mood for that noise right now. Many people are spending more time than ever before watching TV or streaming movies (even if they have to pay way more than usual to watch them), and we want some comfort and light in our entertainment right now.

Or, at the very least, we want to know that big problems can be solved, but without having to sit through a series of events that hit too close to home at the moment. This is likely why some of the other shows on Broke's network are experiencing some highs in viewership and ratings recently. Procedurals like NCIS, FBI and its spinoff Most Wanted, as well as SEAL Team, have been doing quite well in recent weeks, along with competitions like Survivor and even long-running daytime game shows like Let's Make a Deal and The Price is Right.

CBS already seems like one of the places where people are going during this difficult time to find some solace, so it's especially fitting that Broke calls the eye network home. Hopefully, Jaime Camil is right, and people will watch the new comedy and be able to find at least "a little joy" in it to help them get through the next few weeks.

Broke airs on CBS, Thursdays at 9:30 p.m., but if you need more to watch, you can check out our Netflix premiere guide, see what finales are coming up soon and check out what will be ready for summer television!

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