Local News Segment Goes Viral After Prankster Keeps Putting Up 'Penis Man' Graffiti

Penis Man local news segment screenshot

Local news is always good for the weather and some crime updates, but sometimes these bits are more amusing than other times. In fact, as the year switched from 2019 to 2020 local city leaders in Tempe, Arizona have set their sights on a local graffiti artist who has been tagging stuff throughout the city with the moniker “penis man.”

Of course, this is just the type of local news report from reporter Zach Crenshaw that could go viral and this one did. If you’d like to hear more about the hunt for “Penis Man,” please feel free to do so below.

According to Zach Crenshaw the tagger is “someone who has struck the city a number of times over the past month” leaving the penis man tag in his (or I suppose her…) wake.

Graffiti is a noted issue in Tempe, Arizone, with over 300,000 incidents reported during 2019. However, this story going viral may not be exactly what Zach Crenshaw wished for in the New Year, as the local reporter noted on Twitter:

Ending up on late night as a local news reporter is usually not a good thing.

I’m resigned to the fact that Kimmel or Last Week Tonight will pick this up & many college classmates only interaction with my journalism career will be Penis Man.

I mean, can you blame him for this reaction? I guess in response I’d mentioned that at least he’s not the guy who sent his sick request to thousands of employees in his larger news company. It’s not the local reporter’s fault that Penis Man exists and is a menace to the city.

In the official report Zach Crenshaw refers to the graffiti as “something you’d expect to see in a middle school locker room” in case you wondered how he felt about the 40 tagging incidents penis man has been responsible for in the last month. He’s not alone. While some people who responded to the news report have found the incidents funny, others think penis man is “obnoxious” or that the graffiti is “inappropriate.”

However, it’s easy to see why this segment went viral when these are the types of places penis man is striking:

It’s weird because this whole thing reminds me of American Vandal, the Netflix docuseries genre spoof that was all about penis graffiti during its first season and is still available on the streaming service, but maybe I’m making connections when this is simply a coincidence?

So, I gotta ask. Graffiti ranges from small stickers to tags and sometimes even bigger works of art. Penis Man has posted his moniker all over abandoned buildings (in large font) and even on signs. Do you find the graffiti funny or not appropriate at all?

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Jessica Rawden
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