Duck Dynasty Star Willie Robertson's Family Home Was Target Of Drive-By Shooting

willie robertson fox news interview 2019

Ongoing entrepreneur and former reality TV star Willie Robertson had a major scare recently that was quite different from the kinds of emergencies that many are experiencing across the country. The Duck Dynasty vet revealed that he and his family were recently the victims of a drive-by shooting that damaged his home in West Monroe, Louisiana. Thankfully, no one in the family was said to be injured.

The drive-by shooting reportedly happened on Friday, April 24, at a point just after 2:30 p.m. CST. Speaking with USA Today Network, Willie Robertson brought up the fact that the incident happened in "broad daylight," and that eight to ten shots had been fired at his house from the road. While he appears certain his house was specifically targeted by the shooters, Robertson doesn't know who they are, or why they would have picked his house. Here's how he put it:

We were pretty shook up. It looks like they were just spraying bullets across my property.

According to occasional Fox Network contributor and guest Willie Robertson, multiple witnesses saw a truck driving by the property at least once before the shots rang out. It's believed the suspects were inside the vehicle, which was described as a white and brown/beige Ford F-250 that sported large non-factory tires and rims. The truck and occupants were recorded on a surveillance camera, and the driver was described as being a young Caucasian male in his teens or early 20s. No descriptions were given for the others riding in the truck.

At this point, no arrests have been made, and no suspects have been named, but the Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office has opened an investigation into the shooting. Willie Robertson said he believed the shooter(s) were local, but couldn't be completely positive.

Willie Robertson and wife Korie have various family members staying at the multiple properties on his estate, which were built a fair distance from the road, and are also behind a gate and fence. The bedroom occupied by his son John Luke Robertson, no doubt familiar to Duck Dynasty fanatics, has a window that was struck by one of the bullets. His wife Mary Kate and their infant child were also staying in the room with him. Again, no one was hurt, and the Robertson matriarch was grateful that everyone was either indoors or away at the time. In his words:

Nobody was outside at the time, but everybody had been out about five minutes before. I had just gone to the store when it happened.

Also among the family members staying at Willie Robertson's property is Sadie Robertson, whose teen years corresponded with Duck Dynasty's run on A&E, which ended in 2017 after some behind-the-scenes issues and shake-ups. Sadie is likely also familiar to Dancing with the Stars fans, as she came in as a runner-up with pro Mark Ballas during Season 19, falling only to winner Alfonso Ribeiro of Fresh Prince and America's Funniest Videos fame.

Here's hoping the investigation into the shooting is successful, and justice prevails without any more scary situations in store for Willie Robertson and his family.

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